NUFORC UFO Sighting 70741

Occurred: 2009-06-28 03:00 Local
Reported: 2009-06-28 13:56 Pacific
Duration: 1 Minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Gainesville, VA, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Landed

Large Red Glowing Orb Seen Landing In Virginia

This Sighting started around 2:00am when I was first awoke by a sound in the distance similar to a washing machine(wish wish, wash wash, wish wish, wash wash). I took a quick look out the window but didn't notice anything and soon returned to the comforts of my bed. Approximately 45 minutes to an hour later my dog jumped off the bed and ran to the front window. He started whining and running back and forth looking out all the windows from the first floor of the house. Since it obviously seemed something was bothering him outside, I got up again and looked out the back window. But this time I was startled to see a very strange large glowing Red Orb in the NorthWestern night sky gliding towards the East and seemingly descending into the woods behind my house.

I will try to describe the scene and this object as best I can, so you can hopefully picture and possibly help me in figuring out what this object might have been.

Looking North from my first floor rear window and Approximate 300 yards away there is a large tract of woods intertwined with a large creek and a field about 40 acres in size-including the woods it's about 200 acres of undeveloped land.

I first saw the object in the NorthWest sky(500-800 feet high)on a slow Easterly downward trajectory. The object had what I can only describe as a Reddish glowing Orb(half the brightness and size of the full moon)on top of a structure that you could clearly see was being illuminated underneath it. The structure looked to be cylindrical or rectangle in shape and was vertically suspended under this glowing orb. The size I would estimate was 20 feet long(up and down)and 8 feet wide(left to right).

At this point the object was about 400-600 feet in the air and descending into the woods. Because of this I knew I wouldn't have much time to watch the object since it was descending in altitude. At this point I knew I had to make a decision and if I should try to grab my video camera. I knew it was a risk but I made the decision to grab the camera to document the sighting. I ran from the back window grabbed the camera and yelled for my wife to wake up and look out the back window(hopefully so she too could witness the event). I quickly grabbed the camera and returned to the window but was just briefly able to see it again as it descended deep into the woods. My wife made it to the window but unfortunately just seconds late.

Please note-being around aviation for the most part off my life I can definitively say this object was definitely not a airplane or a helicopter of any kind. The only possibility that I have to consider and can't be 100% certain about is that this was some kind of unknown military drone-I don't feel this would be a very good possibility though. The light I've tried to describe on top wasn't your conventional light and certainly not a beacon light of any kind-It was more of a bright soft red glow, quite strange actually.

I spoke with Mr. Davenport at NUFORC and will closely follow his instructions on documenting this sighting. He suggested I contact The FAA, News Broadcasting Centers, Law Enforcement and anyone else who will listen. His instruction also entailed trying to locate the site where this object possibly landed. I will of course follow all of these additional details and therefore will keep you updated when any new details arise.

I Thank You for giving me this forum to post this unexplained event and again will keep you posted of anything I uncover.

Thank You

Posted 2009-08-05

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