NUFORC Sighting 68775

Occurred: 2005-10-19 18:00 Local
Reported: 2009-02-18 11:00 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 5

Location: Bastrop, LA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

UFO followed us for more than 30 minutes in Bastrop, La

On 10/17/05 a friend was coming to my house in Bastrop, La to help prepare for an upcoming Halloween party he and I were planning. He was killed 2 miles from my house in a one vehicle crash. On 10/19 his wife (friend #1) asked that we (3 friends) go to her house to get his burial clothes because she did not want to go alone. We took my car. The time there was somber to say the least, we reminisced a bit and left for my house. Upon backing out of the driveway friend #4, sitting in the back passenger side said "What in the heck is that?" Nobody looked because she has a drug problem and we never take her seriously. Her sister (friend #3), sitting in back, driver side looked and said "Oh My God look over the house!" I looked and stopped the car (in that order) and all I can say is the first thing that came to mind was "Is that an old car?" I immediately dismissed that idea because it was ridiculous and I continued driving. I figured it would 'disappear' but it didn't. I came to a stop sign within a mile, rolled through it and the object was moving closer to us from the direction of Friend #1 house. The object was not as high as a cell tower (I don't feel comfortable stating measurements in feet). It was pewter in color. It depended on the angle it was looked at, as to what it looked like. After a while I didn't see the old car resemblance, I saw a futuristic car. The car comparison is due to what appeared to be big fenders, like a 56 chevy. The closest thing my mind could compare it to was the car in Back to the Future. Its movements were as quick as a thought, there was no stall when it stopped. At one point it backed up, stopped, waited and continued when we did. It was more of a rectangle shape than a disk at one angle. Every edge was rounded and where there could have been doors there were no seams. It appeared to have a windshield because the front of the object had a darker color in the area of the windshield.

My friend that had died in the wreck had seen them many times out there as orbs and lights and triangles, always at night. We have video that he filmed. I watched some of it, I saw an orb but I'm not sure what to think but he was definitely convinced it was abnormal.

The area we were traveling is in a very rural area and the road from their house to town is narrow and winding with trees hanging over the road. Most of it follows a bayou for the first 5 miles or so. Then it is open pastures and farm land for 5 or 6 miles to a city of 20,000. I live on the opposite side of town so we drove through town on a four lane highway until we stopped at a gas station 3 miles from my home. Then we proceeded to my house through farm land. Through the entire route the object stayed to our left as we headed north and then west. It was hard to see it clear when we first left Friend #1's house due to the trees but we could see it. It followed us along the winding road. It stopped when we stopped and we all commented about it stopping. All of us are fairly cool-headed so no one panicked. It was the first time any of us saw a spark of the normal Friend #1 in the past few days. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry so we all started laughing, everybody found a cigarette to puff on and we watched it follow us for the next 10 miles until we stopped at the gas station. No one outside of my car seemed to see it. We were all looking up and while on the 4-lane I watched other cars and it was as if they didn't see us either but that's not unusual these days. When we stopped the lights from the gas station were so bright that we couldn't see the sky. I never noticed that it would cause a blind spot when you try to see past the fluorescent lights at dusk. While we were in the store I remembered I had a dang camera in the car!. After 5 minutes we started back out and it was waiting on us over a field still to the left, passed a bridge. Now it was dark. I pulled my car to the right and jumped on my hood with my camera and started taking pictures and when I did the dang thing started flipping literally. It now had red, white and blue lights (we triple checked that that night). I got one shot of it in video (I attached it P1010006.MOV), if you have problems opening it I can co! nvert it Everyone was moving around in the car so all the still shots look like slivers of light. I hollered for them to stop and they did and that is when I got the video. They were all freaking out about me being on the hood. I guess they thought I may get beamed up. After listening to coast to coast, I have realized that may not have been the smartest move. The object shot up so far in the sky it was just a blink of a light so I got down and drove us to my house. When we arrived at my house we told my husband what had happened and he looked at us like we had been doing drugs. We pointed it out to my husband who quickly saw we weren't making it up. He saw the 3 lights and estimated it was 1/2 mile up. He manages road construction so I trust his judgment on the measurement. It was higher now than it was when we first saw it. Friends #3 & #4 left and I offered to take Angie to her Dad's in Monroe so we could talk about what had just happened. When we left, the object didn't immediately follow us. My husband said the lights started getting closer to our house, so close that he went inside in fear of what may happen if he didn't. After 15 minutes we saw it again while heading south on Hwy 165. It was high in the sky (1/2 mile I guess) hovering. Once I got her home I headed back to my house and I did not see it again until 10/19/2008. I saw the same type craft in the sky roll out of the path of a jet. To the day and the hour!

Posted 2009-03-19

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