Occurred: 1997-02-16 03:00:00 Local
Location: Randolph, NY, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 1999-04-25 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1999-05-24 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail, Aircraft nearby

It pulsated, It went from point A to point B like no other aircraft I've ever seen. NW to N, Then in a fixed postion from when I saw it.

I stopped at a rest area. I was coming home from Jamestown NY to Salamanca NY. There is a rest area just before the Randolph truck stop I looked to my left which would be north. There was a light cloud bank to the north. There was the cloud bank closer to the stars. A lower cloud bank towards the ground. About 1000 feet. It was just sitting there in between the cloud banks. The rest area sit about halfway up a mountain side. I could see fog in the valley below. I noticed it out of the corner of my left eye. Then I looked at it directly. It was just sitting there pulsating. After about five minutes. It took off in a North Westernly direction. It hit a high point above the top cloud bank. It went north for about I would say 5 miles. It came back down in a southeastly direction. It just sat there pulsating. After sitting there for about another 5 minutes. It took off. Straight up into the sky. I perceded to head home. That was my very first encounter with a UFO. Then in April of 97. I would say mid april. I was driving on route 241 from Randolph to Connawango. It's a small village just NW of Randolph. I proceded to go up route 62 from the village of Connawango. I had a small Dodge Ram pick-up truck. About a mile and a half from the village is the Town of Connawango barns. I pulled into the parking lot of the barns. Because of a slow leak in my tire. I checked out the tire and I got back into my truck. I was about to pull back onto the highway. When I saw this object coming from a North Westerly direction. It had lights on the front. It looked just like an airplane that was going to land. I thought, gee why would a airplane want to land here. Unless it was having trouble. The craft came right towards the town barns. Before coming over the town barns. The craft went in a southerly direction. I got quite close to the building across the road from the barns. I believe is a farm. there was ground fog. About 1/4 of a miles west of the farm was a cloud bank. Not a real thick one. It veered West South West into the cloud bank. I got a good view of the craft from its side. Have you ever seen a horseshoe crab. If you look at a side view of a horseshoe crab. That's what the object looked like. Nothing like I've ever seen before. There are street lights at the barns kind of shone on the side of the oject. Plus there was a full moon. The front of the oject where the lights were was elongated oval. The lights bobbed down to the ground like it was searching for something, before it went into the cloud bank. The craft or object made no sound what so ever. The color of the object or craft was tannish. I have never told anyone of my experience except here. When I found this on the internet. I felt it was time. Since then. I will at times go out on the back deck and look west. Like I sense theres more objects or crafts flying around over there at Connawango to Randoph. There is a mountain just in back of my house in the city of Salamanca. Also I was taking a shower one evening. This was just before my father died of cancer. A battle he fought for 8 years. He was in his bedroom doing something. He came out of his bedroom. He looked out the hall window. Which looks out the rear of the house. He got very excited, he pounded on the bahroom door. He wanted me to see what he thought was a UFO. He said there was an other craft persuing it. But I was in the shower. I came out of course after he encountered it. I don't know. But I sense to the west of my house is Ufo coradoor. I haven't driven over to the area sinse then. I have drive! n to Jamestown and back. But never went to check the area out. It certainly was an unique experience. One I will never forget. It also changed my view on the possibility. That there is life other than ours. Also the object that I talked about in the begining. When it flew it left a trail.

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