NUFORC UFO Sighting 66130

Occurred: 2008-10-08 18:00 Local
Reported: 2008-10-08 21:22 Pacific
Duration: 45 min.
No of observers: 9

Location: O'Fallon, MO, USA

Shape: Sphere

Very fast white spheroid objects followed by stealths.

My 13 yo daughter and I saw a white possibly some grayish tinge spheroid object moving at about 5x the speed of a passenger jet in a straight path above my house while in the backyard. My younger kids and neighbor kids could not see them. It was a clear day without wind about an hour before sunset. There was no sound emitted, lights or exhaust trail observed from the object. I viewed the object moving from west to east directly towards STL at about half to a third or maybe at the height of jet airliners that fly over that path. I contacted my wife and a couple of neighbors after i saw another object. They also saw about 8 -10 more objects intermittently for about a half hour. They appeared to go over the same path but not exactly, some higher some lower but not too different, but at a similar velocity and straight line path west to east. The last object I saw was higher up which I pointed out to my neighbor. About 30 seconds after that last object was seen 3 stealth fighters appeared in single file formation but spaced out, were directly behind the path of that last object. There was also a jet airliner elavating toward the south that flew very close right underneath the stealths. The last object I saw flying ahead of the stealths was moving about 2-3x the speed of the military craft. It was a very clear day. Four adults and a teenager saw them and cannot ID them as birds, balloons in a jet stream or any aircraft we have ever seen. They were fast, you could only view them for about 15 seconds until they faded to the east, whereas the stealths were visible for about 4 x as long and easily identified. The last object seem to be about a third of the size as the stealths and a little less elevated but on a similar path. The stealths were barely audible.

Posted 2008-10-31

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