Occurred: 2008-07-11 00:45 Local
Reported: 2008-07-11 11:27 Pacific
Duration: 1-2 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Southlake, TX, USA

Shape: Unknown

Witnessed two bright white flashes of light that illuminated the inside of my house

After seeing an object in the sky at 11:00pm and determining that it was unidentified I decided to file a report with you which a did right after I witnessed the incident. However later I witnessed something else that might possibly be related.

After I finished with the report I returned to the living room to watch some TV before going to sleep. While I was sitting there a extremely bright white flash of light (1-2 secs in duration) illuminated my entire living room. This happened at about 12:40am. At night I always keep the blinds on my windows open, and this flash of light was evenly distributed and completely lit the room during the flash, so much so that I remember squinting because it was so bright. The light did not sweep across the room in beams as a car's headlights might, but it EVENLY light the room in an intense white light. It was like night became day, literally.

Immediately following the flash my two dogs became very agitated, pacing around and whining loudly. So I get up and quickly go out onto my back porch, where I had observed the incident earlier, wondering what the hell that was. However, I could observe nothing either in the sky or any traffic such as cars or other people up that might explain the flash. My dogs seemed to quickly spot something down by the fence, though it was too dark for me to see anything, because they went tearing off downstairs and outside after something barking like crazy. After a few seconds they stopped and came back upstairs and settled down. I also went back inside unable to explain where the flash of light came from, what caused it, or why it was so intense or perfectly dispersed evenly through the room. I went to bed a short time later and at about 1:45 am 7/11/08 as I lay in bed with my eyes lightly closed trying to fall asleep, another bright flash of white light, identical to the first, illuminated my entire bedroom (again I sleep with my blinds open). It was so bright I saw it even with my eyes closed and openned them in time to confirm the flash of light for a second time. Again my dogs, who were sleeping too, became extremely agitated again (more so than I have ever seen them, and more so than the first time) and began pacing around the bedroom whining and I could tell they were nervous/scared. This time they didn't run downstairs barking after anything. It was almost like they were trying to stay close to me. Their behaviour was really strange and both times coincided with the two flashes. So I get out of bed a little spooked, because I just saw this flash again and my dogs were really agitated again. I looked out through the blinds and again could not see anything that might have caused the light. No cars, no low flying airplanes, no neighbors up, just calm darkness. After the second flash startled me out of bed i wasn't taking any chances, I made sure my guns were ready to go and I had a very difficult time going bac! k to bed last night to say the least.

I really don't know if this incident is related to the one I had earlier or not, but I thought it was still important to inform you just in case. I can't explain it, but just tell you what I expeirienced. It was really weird, and it didn't give me a good feeling at all. I mean the room in both occassions went from being totally dark to COMPLETELY and perfectly illuminated, like the brightest day ever, and then went away and darkness returned. Just two quick bright flashs of white light(1-2 secs) about an hour apart from each other. I have no idea, completely stumped and a little shaken. Never seen anything like it. I just can't get over how intense and evenly distributed it was, and how it completely bathed the inside of my house in bright white light. It went from being total darkness to intense illumination that let me see the two rooms I was in completely clearly for 1-2 secs and then back to total darkness!

Posted 2008-08-12

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