NUFORC Sighting 62874

Occurred: 2008-04-17 23:15 Local
Reported: 2008-04-17 21:20 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Freeland, MD, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

Totally Silent bright white light with no strobe lights or navigation lights, heading in an odd direction.

I do not live near an airport, but we do have a steady flow of aircraft nearly overhead, but they are usually coming from the Northeast and heading South/ Southeast towards Baltimore- Washington Airport (BWI) and Dulles. Over my house the larger airliners are typically at about 10,000 ft. or above, but even at that altitude the are easily distinguishable by the strobes, nav lights and jet sound. We also have some light, general aviation traffic at what I would gage to be about 3,000 to 6,000 ft. altitude; again , easily distinguishable by strobes, nav lights and noise.

At about 11:00 pm on the late evening of 17 April 2008, I decided to take a soak in my hot tub on my deck, open to the sky.

After about 10 minutes, I would guess to be about 11:10-11:15, I noticed bright lights to the Southwest that under normal circumstances I would have identified right away as a relatively low flying general aviation light aircraft. There were several things about the object that were odd. (1) The object headed due North, a direction I almost never see aircraft go. (2) The lights were white, and not flashing like strobes would. (3) There were no wing lights/ navigation lights- just unblinking white lights. (4) The object, flying at what I estimated to be low altitude, based upon many previous sightings of small aircraft, generated absolutely NO SOUND whatsoever! The object flew across the sky rather quickly, and disappeared in the due North horizon. I refer to this as a “mundane” sighting because there were no multi-colored lights, no “cigar shape”, no instantaneous 90 degree changes in direction, no odd noises- nothing spectacular; just an object that flew across the sky without flashing lights and totally devoid of sound, something I cannot explain. I have ALWAYS heard the sound of EVERY aircraft that has flown over my house, high or low; I simply cannot explain this particular sighting- why was there no strobe lights? Red and Green Navigation lights? Why was there no sound at all?

Posted 2008-06-12

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