NUFORC Sighting 61722

Occurred: 2005-10-20 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-02-19 23:27 Pacific
Duration: 45 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Pueblo, CO, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

A bright white light hovered over Pueblo Blvd. bridge over the Arkansas River, about 30 ft. above traffic, but no traffic seemed to see

My friends and I were parked in my friend's car at Pueblo City Park, in the dirt lot directly behind the skate park. We were parked right next to the drop off to the Arkansas river and the fence to the little basesball park behind the skate park. We were facing the bridge of Pueblo Blvd as it goes over the Arkansas River. We were sitting there for about 20 seconds before we noticed there was an odd light hovering above the Pueblo Blvd. bridge. It was a bright white light, but the light from this object seemed to only radiate outwards horizontally, diagonally upward, and seemingly upwards. It did not appear that the light could have been seen should you have been lower in elevation than it was in the slightest. The elevation of the craft was approximately the same as our current elevation, as the bridge seemed to be 25-30ft lower in elevation. We could not see what the shape of the craft was. We were amazed because it was hovering directly over passing cars, but those cars apparently were not aware of the bright white light we saw above them and no glare from the white light shown off the cars or the road. It sat there for about 15 minutes, ever so slightly wavering back and forth along the length of the road, and to our amazement no cars beneath were aware of this bright white light above them. Then the light turned off and there was nothing where it had been. About another minute later the white light turned back on, but it was closer to us, over the river, about halfway between us and the bridge it had previously hovered over. This time, there were two more lights apparently attached to the craft. The big white light on top, a small orange light to the bottom right beneath the white one, and a small red light to the bottom left of the white light, just slightly lower than the orange one. All of these lights were round at this time. The white light appeared to shine like a light bulb, in every direction equally, and out of the middle of this appeared part of the light was focusing like ! a spotli ght. The glare from the shifting spotlight effect started at our upper left, then appeared to scan across us to the bottom right, then back to the upper left. I began filming the light with my video phone, and the light moved closer to us over the river. This was the closest it had gotten to us. Just as my 45-second recording ended, we noticed a pair of headlights behind us driving toward where we were, and we watched to see if it was a cop. You're not allowed to be in the park past 10pm, which we were doing, so we wanted to know if it was a cop. Well, it was. We could see the spotlights on it and the emergency light fixture on top. It drove up behind our car and we started our car and started to drive off, the whole time the ufo was still shining brightly, proudly displaying itself over the river. The cop followed us out of the skate park area onto a one way road out of the park with no turn offs. We didn't look back, but the cop's headlights were very bright and very close behind us. All of the sudden the headlights turn off. We look back, and where there had been a cop driving behind us not even 30ft behind, there was nothing but an empty road for about 125ft behind us. There was no where for the cop to turn off and the road behind us was well lit by a street light. That cop car simply vanished.

The next night we returned to the same spot. There was that same light hovering over the same bridge, but this time the light was just slightly dimmer, and the white light attached to the craft appeared to be a pyramid-shaped bright white light that was rotating counterclockwise. Each edge of this pyramid shaped white light seemed to be darker than the flat surfaces emitting the light. Again, while it was hovering over the road it did not have the lower orange and red lights turned on. It hovered over the bridge for about 10 minutes, then the light turned off and it vanished. About five minutes after that, it turned its light back on, appearing on our side of the bridge, but off to the right above the tree line. This time, the red and orange lights were turned on again and the white light was too bright to see the pyramid shape. It kept the same elevation the whole time, but moved around very very slowly over the trees. It then turned all lights off and vanished again. About 5 seconds later, it re-appeared in the direction of the Arkansas river, but at least 4 miles farther away. It moved back and forth for about 15 seconds, then turned off again. About 5 seconds later, it appeared even farther away on the horizon, moved around for about 15 seconds, then turned off again. We sat there for about half an hour and it re-appeared between us and the bridge, over the river, but this time slightly lower in elevation to us. This was the closest it had gotten to us. The red light on the bottom began to slowly increase in intensity, then decrease, then increase, and back and forth. The main white light appeared to scan us again and the craft began moving even closer to us. This time it didn't appear it was trying to scare us off by slightly moving toward us, this time it looked like the thing was coming for us. My friend started his car, peeled out backing up while turning around, then peeled out toward the exit to the skate park area. The white light behind us came right up to where our car had been parked, and m! y friend floored it toward the exit to city park, as it exits onto Pueblo Blvd. The light did not follow us out of the skate park area, it just came right up to where we had been parked and we lost sight of it. At the closest, this light was about 4/5 of a football field away from us. The only thing we could think is that it was a military drone aircraft of some type.

Also, this craft never made any sound we could hear. Both nights it was about 10pm and both nights were very dark with very little star visibility.


Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2008-03-04

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