NUFORC UFO Sighting 60885

Occurred: 2008-01-09 07:03 Local
Reported: 2008-01-15 17:59 Pacific
Duration: 2 Minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Tualatin, OR, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Two Pairs of Stationary Lights over Tualatin seen near a Helicopter

This event occurred on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at approximately 7:03 a.m. I was driving N on 65th Avenue at the crest of the rise which coincides with Frobase Road. It was still quite dark (sunrise that day was at 7:50 a.m.), but it was the first dry morning in some time. The view at this point in my daily commute is one of the best views I get. I can see west to the foothills, east to Mt. Hood, and north to Mt. St. Helens on an ultra-clear, summer morning. But on this dark winter morning, I was happy to be able to see the city lights so brightly. These lights reflecting up at the flat thin clouds gave them a rosy glow. I would estimate the level of the clouds to be about 600’-plus. I base this on the elevation of the road at this point, (topographic map on-line gave elevations between 450’ and 500’) plus about 100-150 ft. of clear skies above me. The road behind me was clear of cars, so I topped the rise at about 35-40 mph and let the car coast. I immediately notice, just a bit east and above my line-of-sight, four distinct sets of lights grouped in a small amount of airspace, and note that the rest of the skyline is empty. This immediately makes me think “news copters”, and something must be going on near the I-205, which I will cross over in a couple more minutes down the road.

My initial number of four includes a small airplane, furthest on the right, (quickly apparent by motion and lights flashing, gradually moves south out of my view), then two stationary pairs of lights in the middle, and finally, a helicopter, furthest on the left. The helicopter is easily identified by its motion and the main light (plus red and green flashing lights as I get closer). My assumption is now, “Three News Helicopters” and my thought regarding the two stationary, level “helicopters” is, “Damn, those two guys are GOOD.” It looked like the helicopter on the left was arcing around, or towards, the two others, at about the same altitude as they were. The movements of the helicopter emphasized to me how dead-set the other two were by comparison. The only distinguishing thing about the stationary lights was that they were round, white lights, set as a pair, side by side. The two objects were level with each other the entire time, and seemed to maintain the same distance from each other. I can only guesstimate: 50-75 yards? I could perceive no shape behind the lights.

The road drops down gently but steadily, so even with coasting, I had a clear view of the skyline for a maximum of 9-10 seconds before trees blocked the view. For the next couple of minutes I really didn’t think of it specifically, knowing that I would see the I-205 up ahead, and maybe figure out what was going on. By the time I actually came to the overpass and dipped down over the freeway, I was more concerned with something happening on the ground rather than in the sky. There weren’t any bright lights apparent, but as I came up the hill to the Stop Sign at 65th and Sagert, I did look up into the sky again, knowing I could linger just a bit, since there still weren’t any cars coming up behind me.

I really craned my head forward to look up as high as I could, and amazingly, I could make out a hazy pair of lights. But just as I really focused on it, the lights seemed to dim out, and the clouds obscured them completely. So now my thought was, “S#*%!, What timing,… just in time to NOT see it!” But, just a few seconds later, as I was making my left turn onto Sagert, I figured I’d be able to see the other pair of lights if I looked back over by left shoulder, which I was absolutely right about. I could just make out the other pair of lights, and once again, just as I focused on it, the lights dimmed out quickly and clouds almost instantly obscured them.

Right about now, I think, was when I sensed that things had changed. As if the first one disappearing into the clouds wasn’t just bad timing after all. And I would have easily let the first one go, if seen only that once. But seeing the same scenario, repeated just a few seconds later, in a completely different direction, was hard to write off so easily. It now felt purposeful.

I told two people at work that day, and my husband later that night. I felt compelled to share my experience, but also compelled to make a diligent effort to eliminate obvious explanations. Since this is my normal work route, it was easy to return during daylight hours and take photos of the surrounding area. I parked and took photos from the intersection looking in all directions. I then drove behind the medical buildings and power substation and took more photos toward the intersection. I could find nothing in the vicinity that is the right shape of light fixture, and/or tall enough to be seen from the initial distance of almost two miles. I also came back with my husband when it was dark enough to distinguish whether there are any other permanent lights in that particular view from the top of the road. There were none we could see.

I would have reported this sooner, but the only person whose opinion I would be interested in hearing on this subject, happened to be on vacation until Monday. He quickly recommended this site as the best place to report what I saw.

My background includes no special skills or training, but I’ve always been a sky-watcher. I pay attention and take note. That’s my skill.

Now, what I really want to know is: What did the helicopter and/or airplane pilot see? They were much closer than I was.

I look forward to your call.

Posted 2008-01-21

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