NUFORC Sighting 59953

Occurred: 2007-11-20 23:45 Local
Reported: 2007-11-19 22:09 Pacific
Duration: 1hr
No of observers: 2

Location: St. Marys, GA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

It was a "twinkle" in the sky, too bright to be a star, and moved ever so slightly in the distance.

I was getting a drink of water and looked out my kitchen window into the sky. I saw what appeared to be an airplane light. It was much brighter than the stars, at first I did not think anything of it, but then I noticed that the light was not moving across the sky like it should have been. I also noticed at that point that it seemed to be flashing an almost red/blue/white alternation, except there seemed to be no pattern. It was kind of sporattic. So I started to get a closer look at it.

At that point I decided to go outside into the driveway to get a clearer view. After examining the light for about 10 minutes, I noticed that it was not a stationary light. My first thought was that it may have been a helicopter. I do live near a Naval Submarine Base, so it may not be uncommon to have helicopters in the area. But this was not moving like a normal aircraft. It seemed to bob up and down fairly gently and occasionally side to side. As if it was moving toward or away, but it never moved. I called one of my roommates out to look at it, he shrugged it off, said it was probably a helicopter, and went to bed. I also called a friend of mine who lives closer to where the light was coming from, but his house is surrounded by trees, so it was hard for him to see anything.

After about 45 minutes I decided to see if I could get any closer. It looked pretty far away, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I drove south toward the St. Marys River, which separates Georgia and Florida, just across is Fernandina Beach, Florida. I could go no further, so that's where my journey ended. It looked as if I got no closer, so I drove back home. When I got back to my house, I looked at it, and while on the telephone with a friend in California, I noticed that the light had moved slightly to the right. Before, it was a bit left below Orien's Belt. If you drew a light through the three stars in the belt and took it down to nearly where the trees meet the sky from my point of view, it was to the left of the line. When I got home, it was further to the right, on the right side of that line. So apparently the light moved, however it was such a slow movement that I didn't notice as it was happening. At around 01:00 I got tired of watching, and came in to write this up. As of 01:07 the light is still there, and still is "twinkling" and bobbing ever so slightly.

Posted 2007-11-28

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