NUFORC UFO Sighting 59097

Occurred: 2007-10-03 20:40 Local
Reported: 2007-10-04 18:35 Pacific
Duration: 3 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Columbia, MO, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object

((name deleted)) from Columbia, MO.

While on my way home from a little league baseball game on 10-3-07, my fiancée and I witnessed a UFO. While traveling north on Scott Blvd., my S.O. pointed to the 4:00 position, as viewed through the front windshield and said, “Is that a UFO.” It seemed to be approximately ¼ mile or less from our position and moving very slowly (drifting) to the west, very low, less than a 1000 ft. altitude.

I have been an aviation buff my entire life and have observed anything that flies at one time or another in all types of conditions. This was close and strange, no sound, appeared spherical (i.e. best guess 60 – 80 ft. diameter), flat metal or gray color and four small lights, my S.O. reported that the lights changed at one point, however, they all appeared red to me, which was my first clue that this was something odd (i.e. not standard aircraft lights.)

I attempted to follow the craft, as I was in somewhat in shock, I was actually looking at something I couldn’t ID. I attempted to follow it as it drifted west, I turned off of Scott into a neighborhood trying to follow it, but it eventually drifted behind a tree line. I then thought I would try to get on highway 70 west in hopes of seeing the object out in the open, however, it took a few minutes to get to 70 and it was just gone.

My fiancée previously adamantly disbelieved in the possibility of UFO’s, in fact she made fun of my interest frequently. However, as I was driving and trying not to wreck the car, she got a better look than I did and couldn’t deny what she saw, she was actually sick after the event and somewhat in shock. We were both sick, as we couldn’t believe what just happened.

Extensive vehicle traffic was present, I expected people to be parked and watching the object, however, the traffic just kept flowing. Other people had to have seen this, we just don’t want to ask anyone because we both work in a professional field. I know I saw something I couldn’t ID, I want to know if other people saw it. Even though we both saw it, both of us have some fear that we are crazy, neither of us slept last night, things were just strange. I always had hoped I would see a UFO, but driving home from a baseball game, in the middle of traffic and in a populated area, it caught us completely off guard. I desperately want to talk to someone about it, we both still feel a little sick.

As the event happened last night and I missed part of the local news, I don’t know if it is in the Columbia News or paper, I will monitor throughout the day.

Additional note: Before the event I was at a little league baseball game on Scott Blvd., a mile or so from our UFO event. At 5:50p.m. approximately, a C130 flew over the field fairly low, maybe 3000 ft. or less. My S.O. asked me to ID the plane, I told her, she said , “why is a military plane flying so low.” I didn’t think it was anything strange until after the event she mentioned the C130 again, might be nothing, but just wanted to include. Also, as I was driving, frantic, trying to watch the UFO, it’s possible my directions are off, but I did review a map of the area after the event and I do believe the UFO was drifting to the west.

My phone # is 573-((number deleted)), if someone wants to talk to me, please don’t release my phone number to anyone else, thanks. Also I tried to send this same message earlier, don't know if if went through, as I have an old computer, also may have used the wrong month, it was last night, 10-3-07.

Posted 2007-10-08

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