Occurred: 1974-06-08 05:00:00 Local
Location: Tulsa, OK, USA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 25 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2007-09-16 22:15:03 Pacific
Posted: 2007-10-08 00:00:00

Wedding Cake Ship Sound was heard

51st and Memorial Drive, South West corner behind what would someday be Skaggs/Albertsons but at the time was an open undeveloped field boarding my neighborhood.

It was very early in the morning, approximately 5AM. I was awakened by a female presence from my bedroom and I had this desire to get my bicycle out of my parents garage and go riding.

The sun wouldn't be up for another hour. It was the summer. It was in the 70's, within a month or two of the June 8th, 1974 Tornadoes which destroyed Tulsa, Oklahoma, my home town. I was outside riding my bicycle in my neighborhood, just 300 yards from my house. The sun was just coming up. There was this very unusual popcorn shrimp like cloud formations in the sky. Just thousands of clouds which were white and puffy alto cumulus like clouds which were spaced out widely in the shape of curled up popcorn shrimp. The local media weather personality on Channel 8, Don Woods, commented on how rare this day was because Tulsa had never had this kind of weather clouds before in it's recorded history. I am to believe that this incident may have been just before June 8th, before the T.V. stations were knocked down by the tornadoes. I have searched and searched for the exact name of these clouds and their exact date and history has buried it. I can't find it. Anyway, I'm riding my bike on dark streets back and forth, back and forth, until the sun rises for one hour when I see these clouds. Their startling clouds.

I can barely find information on the June 8th 1974 triple twister storm which almost took my life and my family's life and left us in ruin for the balance of the year of 1974. It was truly an awful time with not running water, no gas, no electricity, no phone and no T.V. All we had was KRMG AM radio to inform the community for quite a while. AM radios and batteries and lots of kerosene burning Coleman products to make light and cook our food.

As I rode my bike, the sun came over the horizon and you could see all these very strange shaped clouds. And there were no cars running nor jet aircraft landing. It was as if Tulsa was frozen.

No noise outside at all, not even birds. And I heard this one noise growing and growing as if it was coming from an aircraft or something up in the air and I began to point my eyes to the direction of this very unique, unearthly noise. I would hear where it was coming from and move my eyes to the noise as it moved through the skies above me yet I saw nothing. It flew right over me I would guess at the altitude of a landing jet aircraft and proceeded off to the east. I kept peddling my bike eastward following the sound and looking up and continued to see nothing as the sound faded away. This whole encounter did not take just 3 minutes, it was like 25 minutes.

It moved as slowly as a Goodyear blimp from the sound as the sound moved in the skies as my ears could track that sound yet I saw nothing and it didn't wake anybody up in the neighborhood.

When the sound finally disappeared in the east, I was standing on the ground straddling my bike.

Not 5 minutes passed and the entire neighborhood woke up and came to life. People went out to get their paper, started mowing lawns, dogs started barking, tire sounds of cars were heard on Memorial drive, all the noise of life returned as if somebody just threw a switch. It was really weird as a 13 year old I actually recognized this and knew major things were wrong here.....

And for some reason, I forgot about this sound. I just shelved it in my mind and never ever thought about it again. I never spoke with anybody about it. Never made it a bid deal.

I also had at the time dreams of being a bird and being able to fly in my own back yard. I used to dream somebody taught me to flap my wings and I would actually fly around up to 1000 feet high. And this female person would talk to me then and was like my foster mother if you will.

I was encouraged to fly and remember topping the chimney on my parents house and actually flying just above the cloud cover of the town and hovering there for hours at night. It was always at night.

It was a female but I never could remember her face. But she took a liking to me as a child.

And then I never heard anything more from her again. This whole thing probably spanned just 4 months as I remember. But I shelved the entire thing and never told anybody.

I also remembered looking into the neighborhood houses for open windows of known Rock and Roll stereo freaks who might have a stereo playing but all windows were shut that I could see and besides, the sound was from above me and slightly to the south heading west to east in direction as it moved. It also wasn't the kind of sound which was played back from a recording with hiss or scratch sounds like a record does, it was the REAL THING SOUND. It had the decibels of a powerful engine or something like that. There was no stereo which could make a noise that loud which was obviously far up in the air somewhere up there.

It also gave me the feeling that somebody was looking down on me, the one kid outside with the bicycle chasing this sound and not being able to catch it and I felt this terrible, awful sorrow coming from somewhere as if a family member was either just abandoned or died or perhaps the feeling you get when your best pet dog is killed in a violent way. A very sorrowful, sad feeling which actually made tears come to my eyes finally as the sound finally went away to the east and was never heard from again. I had the feeling that I was just abandoned like a mom would say goodbye to here child for the last time never to see him ever again. There was a sense of concern and fear and I remembered now, at the time I was led to believe I was going to have a very hard and challenging life.

I was 13 years of age at this time.

Lost in space had been on T.V. and the sound of that spaceship in that T.V. series was Erie but not similar to this sound. This sound was not man made it was real. And so I grew up, and time just buried all of this. I never heard this sound again and forgot about all this until recently.

I'm 46 years old now. I'm driving across country and the AM radio is on. Coast to Coast AM is playing and George Noory. He's interviewing Michael Horn. Michael Horn is supposed to be the U.S. press representative of Billy Meier from Switzerland. And I listened to this interview they did and somewhere in the middle of it they played the wedding cake ship sound. I said to myself as soon as 10 seconds of this sound was played that I've heard this before somewhere??? And I began to ask myself which T.V. show or Movie did I hear this sound on before so I could know where these guy's ripped this sound off from.

I eventually went to the website and downloaded this sound and played it a few times and it all started coming back to me. I was asking same question back in 1974. I remembered that morning. I remembered the weird bicycle ride I took that summer morning. Asking the question is this sound was coming from a neighbors house, what T.V. show or movie did they get it from. Yet I knew it wasn't coming from a neighbors house or some passing car's 8 track. This is 1974 you see, not even the cassette tape was popular then. Microwave ovens and cable T.V. were years off. Color T.V. was just getting popular. FM stereo existed but not widely used in cars yet. Cars still typically had noisy AM radio with 8 track players bolted on. We didn't even have synthesizers in that era to manufacture a noise like this.

But I heard this damn noise. I felt those feelings. I had those dreams in my sleep of flying with my other mom. I felt some love from this person.

And I have some post comments to make to this female person, whoever it was.

After having done some years research on Billy Meier and the Pleiadians and finding out that these people frequent all of our media and are somewhat experts on Human current events.

If what I have read and felt are indeed true, then I'm dealing with an emotional being who's not learned to separate herself from her science projects.... And I'm sorry you never had a child.

And while it's sad that you people actually read the contact reports from this very website, maybe you'll read this one and remember what you did back in 74.

I know it was you and I shake my head and ask the question if you leave that much concern in a 13 year old childs mind how are your possibly going to help mankind? It was the certain knowledge and admission that this sound was the Wedding Cake Ship.

That the Wedding Cake ship was commissioned at around this time.

And I'm left with the question, why Tulsa, Oklahoma? Was it the knowledge we were about to be greased by a large group of Tornadoes? Was there something special about me? All I'm personally left with is she decided to adopt me as her son for a few months and perhaps study me, I guess... I dunno....

But I did hear that Wedding Cake ship sound on that popcorn shrimp cloud day which we have never had again, ever....


Source of report indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD

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