NUFORC Sighting 57202

Occurred: 2007-06-15 20:00 Local
Reported: 2007-06-20 21:06 Pacific
Duration: 1hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Maui, HI, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Landed

starlike object moves down from the top of west maui ,mts -emits circular brite glowing lite and decends down the mt

I was in maui , hawaii at a wedding and every nite we sat on the balcony but on teh 15th of june 2007, last week , I was looking at what looked like a star just above and on top of the west mts.( about five mt.s from the right side of where they start )in maui . I was looking from a 6th story balcony from the marriott ocean club in kaanapali, maui, and I was looking at this one colorful star ( it had red around the white dim lite and a greenish coming from the sides ) at the very top of the one mt.and the object that i thought was a brite star or planet maybe - started to move,it headed down the mt. parallel to the mt. where there are no roads, it came straight down slowly and then stopped and emitted a bright white lite ( not like a lite house - it wasnt a beam and didnt lite up an area around it that I could see around it- as i was maybe a few miles (1-2) at most away from the base of the mountain) but the lite was so big it glowed a brite lite with a red fringe on it and green like sticks coming out of the sides in lites and then the bight lite went out and then it did the same thing three or four times in one spot as it stayed in one spot as it did that ( that was quite a time to be in one place for a plane or helicopter and the lite was really bright from such a distance and quite large for that distnace but the lite came from the middle of the object and didnt move around or anything it just glowed , but i could look at it but turned away to make sure of what i was seeing as i looked back at it went out and then on again more than once , then it moved further straight down the mt. not glowing anymore but still you could see the main colors of it- it stopped and i wasnt sure where it was on the mt exactly but in the morning i could see it was most likely just above or around the high tension wires that are along the side of the mt. sideways . there arent any houses there and no road that leads up the mt. and there is a golf course below the high tension wires but i dont k! now how far away the object was from the wires or the golf course . so it had to be somewhere abover the golf course and above where the wires are. It was dark on the mt but gets more lit up closer to the golf course and there is some constuction of a new marriott to the left side of the golf course but at 8pm it is highly unlikely anyone was working from 8pm on that nite. I did see some cars coming along a road up there near the construction but again dont know the distance from where i saw the object finally stop and the golf course or the road the cars were on. I DO know that from where the object started from on top of the mt there are no roads that lead down from the top of the mt. where this object came from . I found it amazing no one would notice such a bright lite coming off the mt. so high up and i was amazed that it was so bright when it was glowing on and off but it was high up the mt at that time but it was not a helicopter as they dont have such big lites on them and I wouldnt think they fly after 8pm that high on the mt in the dark and what ever it was certainly didnt move like a plane or helicopter. This object stopped in one place for quite a while maybe five minutes as it gave out the glowing bright lite on and then went black and then on again and then off a few times. what would do that ?? i have no explanation of what it was , but what looked like a star at first way at the top of the mt. or above the mt. moved straight down and then what stops and glows on and off and then moves down and stops by high tension wires????. well,at that point we had been up watching this for about an hour and when it finally just stopped and stayed in one spot somewhere above those high tension wires i watched as i had gone into my bed with the shades of the balcony pulled all the way open so we could see it from our beds , my aunt was with me the whole time and we fell asleep staring at it as it just stayed in that last place for twenty minutes or more . a ufo ? i am not one to speculate and took all ki! nds of p erspectives of the mt the next morning and there is no road from the top of the mt. where it started from to where it first stopped and although they are building houses much further down the mt near the others ,this object did not go to the point of where the lites were so we could see it better . I know it was something unusual and was told by the maui news who i called the next day (to find out if anyone else saw this) that on and off people do call aobut lites in Maui. Maui is a vortex by the way. I was also told by someone at the observatories that expeditions on foot have been made up the west maui mts and they found a pyramid of what they think is of alien origin some where up there - the mts are about 7000 ft high i think -?? does anyone know about that pyramid they found or was that a secret ???? I am not a person who imagines things or makes more out of something than what it is but this was not anything like I have ever seen before and I kept trying to find something that it could be other than an unidentified flying object. I could just kick my self for not getting my camera but it was so unusual I couldnt stop watching it and getting your camera isn't something you just think of until afterwards.


Venus?? PD

Posted 2007-08-07

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