NUFORC UFO Sighting 56913

Occurred: 2007-05-23 12:09 Local
Reported: 2007-06-02 20:19 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Berkeley, CA, USA

Shape: Unknown

Spotted at noon in Berkeley, Ca. as a light in Eastern sky, that stopped for a brief period, changed course and disappeared into the cl

On May 23, 2007 at approx 12:09 PM., in Berkeley Ca... I was sitting in line to enter the Berkeley dumps, when I saw a plastic bag, that the wind had picked up and was floating in the air. With nothing else to do , I watched this bag floating for approx. one minute. This was in a Easternly direction.

That's when I noticed a small metallic object quite a distance away, moving very fast. I have no idea of it's distance. At first I thought it was a satellite, because it seemed very small compaired to an airplane. It also appeared to be shinny, as if the sun was reflecting off of it. I watched it for about 15 seconds.

Suddenly, it appeared to stop for about 5 seconds. That's when it really got my attention. Then it made a 35 degree right hand turn, and seemed to have slowed down. I reached for my digital camera and snapped a photo in the general area. This is photo # 440. I could not see the object in this first photo. When I looked again for the object, I lost sight of it. After about 30 seconds, I saw it again, and snapped another photo. Bingo...This would be photo # 441. That's when the dump guy signaled me to drive ahead onto the weigh-in scale, and my encounter was over. I have never witnessed any sightings before and have no idea, of what I saw.

Posted 2007-06-12

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