NUFORC Sighting 55907

Occurred: 2006-12-24 19:30 Local
Reported: 2007-03-24 22:07 Pacific
Duration: 4 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Arcadia, NY, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Landed

On Christmas Eve we saw a large dark craft glide from one cornfield across a road and into another field.

This was on Christmas Eve. We were traveling by car through a rural area - we were surrounded by fields with no streetlights. We were just approaching a hill when a car came down the hill, facing us. As they came down the hill, that car braked and its taillights illuminated the hill behind them in a reddish glow.

In that glow both my father and I saw a craft gliding across the top of the hill from one cornfield into another. It was dark gray with no lights and massive - it took up the entire road, we could not see the beginning or end of it. It moved more smoothly than anything I have ever seen; cars, planes and ships can move smoothly but this glided almost as if automated. It was like it was on a conveyor belt. Then the car approaching us stopped braking and its taillights went off and the hill fell into darkness again.

Both my father and I were shocked. We are from that area and are well acquainted with tractors, cars, trucks and anything other vehicle in local use and we could not think of anything it could be. It was just too huge. Furthermore there were cornfields on each side of that hill - there was no reason for any kind of craft to pass at that location. As we drove up and over the hill, I looked into the fields but could see nothing... everything was pitch black.

This probably isn't related but something odd happened the following morning on Christmas. My parents' house is very remote and too set back from the road for anyone to approach on foot. Yet we discovered HUGE footprints leading from the driveway through the snow around the house... and they just stopped in the middle of the yard. They didn't turn around and they didn't go anywhere else. The tracks just ended as if whoever made them vanished.

It was Christmas and we were obviously busy with other things, but the sight of that craft gliding from one field into another has haunted me ever since. I know it's not a "flying" object as it was on the ground but it was not of this world either. I'm sure of it.

Posted 2007-04-27

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