NUFORC Sighting 55742

Occurred: 2005-10-15 22:00 Local
Reported: 2007-03-15 15:38 Pacific
Duration: 1.5 min
No of observers: 1

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Cylindrical object hovering past my car at close range

Location: Heading southbound on Highway 599, on the ramp just before it merges with I-5.

I am a male, and was 37 years of age at the time of this sighting. I work in the printing industry and have a background in fine art. I feel these two facts enhance my testimony and illustration provided.

I noticed two stationary extremely bright white lights, side-by-side horizontally in a fixed position at about 400 feet above the ground, in the sky directly in front of me. At first it appeared to be an aircraft coming in for a landing, the bright lights being standard landing lights.

After several seconds I noticed two odd things about these lights. Firstly, they were a bit too far apart for an ordinary plane configuration and secondly, they were barely moving closer to me despite my driving towards them. This clearly indicated to me that the object was in fact stationary and not moving forward as an airplane would do.

I slowed my car down considerably since nobody was driving behind me, and started carefully observing the craft.

The two lights remained in their fixed positions for a moment and then began banking slowly and steadily to the left, all the while not getting any closer to me. After tilting to about 45 degrees the lights began approaching me smoothly and steadily.

As the lights came nearer, the object started to pass me to my left at an altitude of roughly 40 feet, and travelling approximately 20-30 miles per hour. It looked to be about 30 feet in length, and 10 feet in width. It remained tilted at a 45 degree angle the remaining duration of the sighting. The two extremely bright lights had now dimmed, or perhaps were no longer pointed directly at me and only seemed dimmer because of this.

As it drifted past to my left, I got a very good look at it since I had slowed my car down considerably to about 25 miles per hour. At the closest point it was only about 50 feet from my car. The object was sillouetting the lights of the valley and the distant hills and dark gray sky behind it, revealing a distinct long cylindrical shape. There were roughly six white lights on the visible side of the object, with no particular order to their distribution and they were all rather small. The lights were in two slightly differing sizes, with the upper and lowest lights being the larger. There weren't any strobes on this object, or any small colored marker lights which to my knowledge is not the case with conventional aircraft. There were no rotors, wings, cockpit or audible sound. A helicopter would definately have some audible noise at such a close distance, and the rotors would have been visible. There was one large red light on the side and just about dead center, which blinked with a slow on-and-off pattern at one second length intervals. This red light appeared at least a foot in diameter and didn't flash, but steadily faded off and on. This red light was a perfect circle which appeared raised like a dome similar to a lighting fixture one might have on the ceiling of their home. There was a very narrow and bright beam of light emanating from the center of the object and aimed directly in front of it. The beam of light was aimed just slightly lower than horizontally. The searchlight was steady and appeared fixed to the object because it never changed position in any way.

The object continued off toward my left rear and floated over the ground at the same altitude, it's searchlight still shining out and onto the ground below and continued at a south-easterly direction.

Since this time I have observed multiple helicopters at night in order to make a comparison and there are no similarities between any helicopters and this UFO. Please see my emailed illustration and map for more details.

Posted 2007-04-27

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