NUFORC UFO Sighting 5540

Occurred: 1999-01-02 22:12 Local
Reported: 1999-01-17 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 30 to 45 secs
No of observers: 1

Location: Marysville/Beale A,F.B., CA, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

spherical green fireball which changes colors to red and white. very very bright.

it came from the NNE and then stopped over an area i think may have been between Marysville and Beale A.F.B. it could have been over the flightline itself for all i know because it was night and had nothing to guage scale by. then it headed west like a bat out of hell. the object must have been seen by others but i never heard anything in the local paper. it didn't change in size really until it came west which is the direction i was from it but it was still at a distance so i can't tell you how big/small it was. to me it was just a light in the sky. the people in this area have often heard rumours that the "aurora project" was posted at the base but no confirmations other than that of retired personnel i have spoken with. i would have called my dad who was the maintenance supervisor on the sr-71 when he was active duty but it happened too fast. i told him about it today when i decided to report this. i was going to e-mail the information but i chickened out at the last minute and wrote you about a guestbook instead. SORRY!!! now about myself. i'm the youngest child of a retired air force chief master seargent and his background was briefly described above. i have been unemployed since January 1998 when i decided not to return to work after having my son in september 1997. i worked as a customer service representative for a medical foundation in our area for approxiamately 2 years before deciding to quit. i'm married to a truck driver. there is one other thing. i don't know if you have heard of it but we have a large radar dish out on base called "PAVE PAWS". my understanding is that it is the missile warning radar for the western hemishphere. i'm sure if it was possible it would have picked up the "blip". also, one night around the time we attacked iraq, i think it was a couple of nights before, i realized that Beale was, what my dad calls, staging. basically that means that they were flying aircraft out of Beale to wherever, probably Travis A.F.B., in preparation for the possibili! ty of attack. but, on the night that i saw the ufo, i didn't see any planes go up. i thought that interesting and is probably one of the main reasons i didn't tell anyone until today. my dad thinks its aurora. he has no real way of knowing that i know. hope this was enough.

Posted 1999-02-16

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