NUFORC Sighting 54097

Occurred: 2006-12-16 17:30 Local
Reported: 2006-12-20 22:38 Pacific
Duration: 03min
No of observers: 3

Location: Union City, NJ, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

it was shape shifting or sevral hundred objects where moving in complete sycronized rythm but it was large who could have missed this.

I was outside and my uncle told me to look up in the sky and when i did i noticed what seemed to be a formation of objects or one object shape shifting i dont know but it seemed to be atleast 30 thousand feet or more. I live in between four major airports and always see planes it was not a formation of planes becaused there seemed to be atleast onehundred objects or more it was dark outside and they seemed to have a faint glow but not too luminious.The light was a dimmed white ,grey and black and seemed to pulsate. The way it was moving i could not tell if it was one object or fleets of objects but it was syncronious in movement .It was going from northwst to southest. It flew not to far from a plane in the sky and the plane was high up. Another guy came up the street and observed it too i asked him what he thought it was he said the object appeared to be one object but large and kinda cloaking in and out like rippling water effect . I still think it might have been several objects because they shifted place simontaneiously. my uncle agreed it was so hard to say what it was but i know what it wasnt and it did not look like anything i have seen before.There was no sound it could have been a mile in legnth because it took up atleast a quater of the sky i could see from my view.It also had a dark shaded cloud that seemed to ride with this event the cloud was much larger in size . it moved fast but not faster than the planes up there where it was at . It dissappeared out of my sight others had to see this there is no way on earth that alot of people did not see this. Im not soo surprised of what i saw but how could no one else see this it was huge event ether way u look at it.It was very similar to the ones i saw on a mexican news report. These where traveling in somewhat of a v shape could have been almost seen as a large flock of geese but these where no geese. im sure others on my block saw it but not every one feels comfortable talking about stuff like this i understand. i am a little ! worried about something of that size and nature was not on the evening news for real.

Posted 2007-02-01

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