NUFORC Sighting 53936

Occurred: 2006-12-11 22:53 Local
Reported: 2006-12-11 22:09 Pacific
Duration: Less than a minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Bridgeville (near Pittsburgh), PA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Aircraft nearby

UFO flying above Bridgeville and Scott Twp, Pa

I had just left the Walmart located on Route 50 in Heidelberg. I was travelling south on Route 50 towards Bridgeville, heading home.

Just about a 1/8 to a quarter of a mile up from where I turned onto Route 50 from the road that goes to Walmart's parking lot, I saw bright lights coming at a high rate of speed directly towards the road I was on and in my direction... (ie- the lights were coming straight to me and the few other surrounding vehicles driving around me).

At first sighting, it was about a mile or two away in the sky.

I thought to myself that it was an awfully bright light for a plane, and I started looking for the FAA lights. I didn't see any FAA lights on the plane. I then thought to myself to grab my camera phone and try to snap a shot of what I was seeing. I came up to the light on route 50 at Thoms Run Road. It was a red light about to turn green. This is not more than a 1/8 of a mile from when I made first sight of it.

At that point, the lighted craft was in plain sight, about hundred feet in front of me, and maybe and about three hundred feet to my right. I'm not sure how high up in the sky it was, as it was moving very quickly, and I'm not very good at determining how high in the sky stuff is.

At this point, the craft appeared to be somewhat circular in shape- the front of it facing me looked like a half circle or bananna kind of shape parallel to the horizon), and appeared to have lights surrounding the part of the craft facing me, but not on it's rear. These lights, about 7 or 8 ( a guestimation), all seemed to blend into one horizontal light around the front of the craft...and much brighter than any aircraft I have seen before.

Traffic then started moving again, and cars were going very slow, curious about what the object was. I snapped a picture of it at this point, and as it saved, the craft came very close to my car, directly above it.

At this point, the craft appeared to be triangular in shape, with a very bright light eminating from the center of it. Then the craft moved in a circle from where it was, went behind my car, and came back around. I snapped another picture of it when it came back around, moving in what appeared to be a complete circle...and then it flew out of my sight in a north/north eastern direction- moving very quickly.

I got two pictures on my camera cell phone, both show the date and time to be the same. That should tell you how quickly this was moving.

After seeing it, I did notice another airplane as I drove further down route 50, and it was much higher in the sky than the one I could not identify, and I could clearly make out the FAA lights. It is typical to see low flying planes here in Bridgeville, as we are close to the Pittsburgh Airport (about ten to fifteen miles away). The craft I could not identify was much lower than anything I have seen here before.

When I got home, I decided to take a better look at the pictures with my roommate. He is a paranormal investigator, and can, most often, disprove a lot of things that people can't indentify. After zooming in on the images, neither of us could identify what this object was.

My professional background is mostly in mental health, as a program director. My personal background- I have an interest in the paranormal, and volunteer heavily for a paranormal research and investigation group.

Posted 2006-12-14

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