NUFORC UFO Sighting 52037

Occurred: 1980-07-07 08:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-08-18 20:50 Pacific
Duration: two minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Hudson, MA, USA

Shape: Unknown

Back in the summer of 1980 I was dating a girl in Hudson MA. She was taking a long time getting ready to go out for the evening so I went outside and laid on the hood of my 1970 Mercury Montego looking up at the evening sky. There were some stars out, but not excessive. After awhile I saw what I thought was a shooting star. The star, however, stopped amazingly suddenly. I figured that the actual shooting star must have disappeared behind a nighttime cloud and I must be focusing on a different star. I kept my eye on it anyway. It quickly became apparent that the star I was focusing on was something strange. It was gyrating back and forth fairly rapidly. After approx. 10-15 seconds of gyration the "star" shot across the sky just like a shooting star. As a matter of fact, it looked no different. It was too high up for me to make out any particular shape. It was a white light just like all of the other stars. I was sort of blown away but then I figured I must be tired and imagined what I saw. Although I knew what I saw, I could not admit it to myself. If made me sit upright on the hood. I was going to get up to go tell my girlfriend what I saw when suddenly another shooting star raced across the night time sky just as the first one and stopped in the EXACT SAME PLACE! Now I knew I was really seeing something very weird. It also started gyrating, and traveled in a perfect little triangle pattern, stopped for a minute, gyrated, and took off in the same projectile direction as the first, looking just like a shooting star. One again, I was about to run into the house to tell my girlfriend what I was witnessing. The adrenaline was flowing and my heart was pounding. A third came out of the night sky, stopped in the same place, raced around in a circle (not a triangle) and split really fast just like the first two. I did not wait around to see it there were any more. Now I wish I did. I ran into the house and yelled to my girlfriend, Where is a phone book? I need to call the Hudson police department. She sort of freaked out and yelled, what's wrong!!? Still in the shower, she could not come down. I saw one of those emergency stickers on the side of her phone and called the Hudson police dept., hear pounding out of my chest. When someone answered and asked if it was an emergency, I got a grip. I realized that I cannot embarrass myself by reporting UFO sightings. That would be absurd. I hung up. I never reported it. My girlfriend politely acknowledged what I saw, but I think that was the beginning of the end. Looking through her eyes, I think she thought I was nuts. This was either on a Friday night or a Saturday night. When I got to work on Monday I could not help but to confide in a coworker and tell him my story. He laughed and said, your full of shit, you read the paper. I asked him what he was talking about. He said that there were several UFO sightings reported over the weekend in NH. None were reported in Massachusetts according to my coworker. The only one I remember him describing to me was a low down light in a field in NH and other low altitude sightings? It did not sound like what I saw but the same weekend, never the less. I tried, tonight, 23 years later, to try to substantiate this to my wife by Google'ing a search for New England UFO sightings hoping to find a newspaper article. I did find this: 7/7/81 Pittsfield Darryl S. Perrault, 18, Carl E. Perrault, his father, and Ann Delsignore, his girlfriend, saw a UFO through binoculars for 45 minutes. When first seen, it shot across the sky like a meteor, then suddenly stopped. Darryl said, "It was oval-shaped, with red and white flashing lights around the outside like a ring. No way it was a plane or a sattelite- it shot across the sky too fast." N.E. UFO Newsletter #23 Oct. 1981 p. 18 Seems pretty darn similar. My search was prompted because myself, my wife and my two daughters watched a UFO special on TV and my wife said, girls, don't believe any of this crap. I of course encouraged them to keep an open mind. I am a college educated individual who had nothing to gain by making up a story. I am speaking the absolute truth.


Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-10-30

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