Occurred: 2006-06-01 22:00:00 Local
Location: Cape Coral, FL, USA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 4 seconds
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2006-08-04 23:09:49 Pacific
Posted: 2006-10-30 00:00:00

I know where these balls of light are probably sitting right now.I know the island they are under.NO JOKE

We we're fishing in between mangrove islands in one foot of water with no lights on the boat. we ran wide open looking for deeper water so we could stop and ended up in an area no one would probably be foolish enough to go. my friend has his 5 yr old son asleep with us,Having no running lights or components working we were nestled in to a place where we knew would keep us pretty far off the beatin trail.My friend was fishing facing the mangrove island, I was facing the open area towards other islands and a piece of the mouth of the haurbor was in view. my friend said "W-T-F",I looked at him and laughed .He said "Are there fire flies out here?", I focussed in to the island in to the tree's for a few and didn't see any ,(I grew up around them) He said "If there's no fire flies out here then we need to get the f--k out of here !" To which i again laughed at him (He became scared of what he at first thought was a fire fly) I told him to epect that we probably were not alone ,between piracy and visitors ,He interrupted me and told me he didn't believe in any of that shit. I told him that I did and he should.I told him I was not leaving and that we were the hostile ones.We continued fishing. I was sort of focussing on my line and the water and A SOLID BALL OF LIGHT ,as impressive as the moon,came from in between the island my friend was facing and the next island up,lower then the tops of the the mangrove tree's. It showed up Quick and quite ! I looked up just as quick and focussed on it and my first thought was" we're busted" and I pointed at it and yelled "God damn that is a bright light for somthing that doesn't make any noise"And it TURNED OFF, I followed it's path with my fingers waiting for the "vessel" to cross the lit up part of the harbour so i could see what it was and there was no vessel where one should have been. Where i was fishing gave me a view from my 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock of the stars touching the lights of the habour in the far distance,,that section of my vision was well lit..Nothing broke my vision of the stars and lights The "vessel" that made a light like that would have to be big enough to be seen with out lights on. This was a solid ball of light that can only be described as a smaller moon with no face. It did not project light as if to light up the way,,There didn't seem to be a filiment in the center making it brighter in the center There was no glare off this thing at all and it did not make any sound at all. We should have heard a vessel befor we saw one.We made sure of it when we chose that location.This thing was on us with the snap of a finger and I got a good look at it. After yelling to him and pointing at it i said"DID YOU SEE THAT ?" "YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT FU__IN BALL OF LIGHT JUST RIGHT THERE ?" He looked at me and shook his head.Just then my friends big reel started screeming ,We jumped up and he set the hook on somthing big,,We were scrambling around,Iwas moving poles ,pulled the anchor ,raised the motor,,after acouple of minutes we landed this big Searay.We were let down that it was a ray,,Meanwhile we had coasted or blown into the mangrove island to the point where we couldn't use the motor to get out.

We had no light to speek of ,all the poles were tangled and the foliage was trying to take things over.We sat there and reflected briefly on the catch.I was back to the light thing and excitedly asked him if he saw it or not and he sort of shook his head no. I asked him what he saw when he thaught he saw fire flies and he said he didn't know and repeated once again that we needed to get out of here. I looked in to the island and focussed my eyes and asked him if he thought someone was on the island and he told me you couldn't get on the island and that there wasn't really any hard surface to stand on like some of the other islands we had seen.I asked him what was behind the island and he said nothing or another island. I asked him why it was lit up towards what seemed to be the middle of the island and he said he didn't know. i pointed my finger towards the middle and down and asked him "Does it seem to you that there is light comming from the island and said there was.....Straight in to the 11oclock and down was lit up but there was no actual light to be seen but it was with out a doubt lit up.....I could see pretty far in there but couldn't see what was causing the light. My hair stood up and felt like i was somewhere i wasn't safe to be and much to my own surprise was very concerned in getting the boat out of there quick. I had a very strong feeling we were about to be boarded by somthing i couldn't see and grew scared for the first time in years. I wasn't the same person who said he wasn't leaving. We used our net to pole out to open waters and left with our eyes focussed on the illumination coming from under the mangrove island.The Ball of light that I got a good look at came from under and i'm sure out of the other side of the mangrove island. Not only did I see it but i remember where the island is and I know they were there when we left ,uder the mangrove island.You would need a helicopter to lower you in to the middle of the island with a wet suit on and diving gear to check it out but i'm sure you could get samples off of the vegitation At some point arroundand definately under that part of the island.They have what must be a good spot to bed down in under there or it is an entrance of some kind that they use to surface without being spotted.They travel below the brush line and go between and around the islands and not above to stay un seen.


Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD

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