Occurred: 2006-06-24 10:30:00 Local
Location: Dayton, OH, USA
Shape: Egg
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2006-06-27 04:36:18 Pacific
Posted: 2006-07-16 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

Objects appeared over Dayton, Ohio,

I am a 56 year-old business owner. I am well traveled and have seen lots of oddities in my lifetime. The event I witnessed last Saturday morning was disturbing.

An employee and I were standing in the parking lot of my business chatting. It was a bright sunny day with spotty high clouds and a very light breeze. I noticed a large number of small clouds suddenly form in the sky to the north just below the upper cloud level.Curiously, these small clouds started traveling downward in an arc. Other small clouds appeared behind the first, and more behind those, forming a steady stream of clouds.

Three larger clouds appeared. These cloud objects traveled across the sky in a straight line formation to a point overhead and remained stationary during the entire event.

The steady stream of smaller cloud-like objects continued their downward arc at a slowing rate of speed. As they neared our position, the mist surrounding these objects began to disappear, revealing shimmering egg-shaped objects. The skin of these objects were a bit translucient. As the objects lowered in altitude further, this skin became completely transparent.

The objects reached treetop level just over our heads, traveling at a quick rate of speed, approximately 50 mph. Hundreds of them passed overhead. The outer skin of these objects appeared to be a membrane of sorts. Inside this membrane, another object appeared.

The inner object was a segmented globe, much like a soccer ball. The outer skin of this object seemed reflective--reflective not of the sunlight but of the sky around it. Struts or wires or something protruded from the bottom of the globe to a pointed horseshoe shaped thing with bright silver flashing lights on the underside. These lights flashed in series from the rear of the object to the front.

After passing over our heads, these objects headed skyward. They disappeared at a point just below the cloud level.

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