Occurred: 2004-08-15 00:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-06-06 03:52 Pacific
Duration: approx 3 hrs
No of observers: 2

Location: Cashion, AZ, USA

Shape: Triangle

Huge slow moving black triangle that oddly appeared to have caused us a loss of time. (no! this is not a joke)

It's been a long time since I saw this craft. It definetely never leaves my mind. I know I'm not crazy nor is my 15 yr old who saw this craft with me. the strange thing is that we were 5 total and only two of us saw it in plain view. hope i can make myself clear, bear with me folks.

it was dark and late, my 4 kids and I walked over to the nieghborhood park . the park is only 2 minutes from my house. when we got to the park, i sat down a moment and happen to look into the sky, north of us over the 1-10 freeway. I saw a big bright light. it looked really round. the light stood there or seemed to be still for about 5 minutes. then i saw it descend as if it were falling. it stopped decending then started coming our way which was south of it's location. my son and i made a fuss over this light and became concerened as it started getting closer to us, we noticed it was right over us in less than 2 minutes. I cannot explain the length of time that we stared at this scary thing in the sky, time seemed to pass forward and we didnt realize what had happen to us for about 2 1/2 hours. it was after 1:20 am when we cought ourselves screaming and running into the house and the 3 other kids ages vary from 9 to 14 yrs of age did not see a thing nor did they understand why my 15 yr old son and I were running frantically from the park. only that we were five total and it only attracted 2 of us. please anyone, if this same thing happen to you please let us all know. This is what my son and I saw that night.

I do hereby swear and promise on the holy bible in the presence of our lord as our whitness that this is the truth and the whole truth as best remembered so help us God. In the sky above us this night, we saw a huge pitch black triange with dull soft lighting coming from the 2 back corners of the craft as though it were lit up slightly from the inside.and maybe light was visable through a dim window or glass. it had a red light that glowed from the bottom center but not bright, it was more like a red light like from heat that's generated.. like how hot coals would glow. I could see well because the craft had descended so low that I could hear it and I could see something undernieth the belly. like markings. it was not a stealth bomber nor did it have any other shape other than a perfect triangle. it was very still for the most part. long enough for me to notice the sound that it made. the height it hovered was no more than the tallest street lights in a city. it seemed to be as wide as maybe a football field. it was very still and very quiet. my son and I froze with fear and ran away leaving my kids at the park. when i realize what i had done i ran back to the park and it was still there hovering over the park and that's when i noticed the strange lines under the craft. it seem to have markings like a map. they were black or very dark or smokey grey. and barely visable. the craft did make a sound. it was a whispering soft humming unlike anything i heard. my ac makes more noise than the craft did. i would say the sound was similar to that of a brand new computer that hums perfectly with just a slight bit of air flowing through it. the scary thing is that we were so close to it and only 2 of us saw it, what I dont get is we get to the park around 11:05pm no later that for sure. but cannot remeber why it took us almost 3 hours to run home! our home was only 2 houses away, less than 1 minute down the sidewalk. when we ran away we saw it take off slowly to the south west towarsd phx. I watched it for 2 minutes then it simply vanished. most of all we cannot explain the loss of time and why only 2 of us saw this triangle in the sky.


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-07-16

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