Occurred: 1992-04-30 02:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-05-09 10:34 Pacific
Duration: 5 Minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Indianola, IA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

Strange Vibrations...

When I was young; about 13; I'm not sure what the exact date was.

I was awoken in the middle of the night unable to move. I was completely paralyzed and lost conciousness soon after. I had a dream in which I remember my skull being "cracked" open. I didn't actually see anything, but I remember the sensation much like people remember sensations during surgery.

I awoke in my bed, I was unharmed, but for some unknown reason, I was terrified. I heard a strange noise outside that sounded like a loud "hum" and a steady vibration that rattled every fibre of my body. The noise circled around my house several times at an incredibly fast rate, at least one revolution every few seconds. I could not see an object and I was too afraid to look out a window, but I did see some strange lights glowing through the window. I had never heard this sound before, but for some reason, it terrified me.

The sound had to have come from a machine of great power and the "hum" was similar to that your hear at a power relay staion only amplified thousands of times. I recognized the sound, but had no memory of it. I only knew that I didn't like it...

I attempted to wake my family up, but to my astonishment, the would not wake up as if they were sedated somehow. Eventually, the object left the area. I was almost convinced it was a dream, but I forced myself to stay awake till morning and I turned on the television to establish my sanity.

Incidentally, as soon as the object left, I was able to wake my family, but they had no memory of the indcident and dismissed my experience as a vivid dream.

The experience was the most terrifying thing I have witnessed in my life and I have suffered from post-tramatic stress syndrome since then.

I am not the first person in my family that has had a close encounter with a UFO. My grandmother woke in the middle of the night to observe a diamond shaped object that had a blinding glow. The next day, her eyes swelled shut and the doctor that examined her indicated that her retinas were burned. The ammount of damage to her eyes was consistent to light several times that of the sun; they had no explanation, but she recovered. The object also burned a trail the the yard just outside the window.

My father also experienced a close encounter with a UFO when he was young. Since he grew up with no electricity and no automobiles in the middle of ND, the closest he could describe the objects he saw were, "fire-wagons". He has little memory of the incident.

There is a history of Schizophrenia in the Family, but my Grandmother, my Father, and I have not been diagnosed with the condition. I have never experienced any other vivid hallucinations in my life...

I am convinced that what happened was completely real…


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-05-15

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