Occurred: 1994-10-15 14:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-04-06 08:32 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds to one minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Circleville, OH, USA

Shape: Disk

Silver disc saucer hovers above town, then disappears

I was driving my car with three friends of mine to the annual pumpkin festival in Circleville, OH. It was a sunny, cloudless afternoon. I believe it was around 2:00 PM. One friend in the front seat was turned around talking with the other two friends, who were sitting in the back seat. As we approached Circleville from the north (coming from Columbus), I saw a classic, disc-shaped saucer hovering above the town. It was shiny silver and I did not notice any sound; since we were at a distance of approximately 0.5-1.0 mile, I can only guess the size was somewhere between 100-200 feet in diameter. Since I was driving, I switched back and forth from looking at the saucer and watching where I was driving. I looked back and forth approximately three times and the fourth time I looked back up, the saucer was gone (i.e., I did not see it depart). I remained in awe and speechless the entire time. After it had gone away, I asked my friends, "What was that?" My friend in the front seat had been turned around the entire time and did not see the saucer. The person with whom he had mainly been talking had not seen anything either, or at least she did indicate she had. The other person in the back seat apparently had seen it and replied, "I don't know (what it was)."

The two in the back are from Germany and returned there in early 1995.

I am still in frequent contact with my friend, who was sitting in the front seat.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-05-15

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