NUFORC UFO Sighting 49938

Occurred: 2006-04-03 14:50 Local
Reported: 2006-04-03 13:22 Pacific
Duration: 4-5min
No of observers: 2

Location: Verona, PA, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

Five Stingray shaped, bright Metallic objects observed in sky.

My friend and I both witnessed 5 unidentified aircraft while walking home from school. We are both 18 years old, and I am also a Member of my High Schools NJROTC and an avid aviation buff. We were walking home and were traveling North Northwest. I noticed 5 extreamely bright metallic objects in a steep bank to their port sides all in a column with equal spacing between each craft. They then vanished into the clouds, when they reappeard about 2-3 sec later they were in a steep vertical climb. They then leveled out and performed in tandem a bank to their starboard side, once again disappearing into the clouds it was very overcast the sky was so dark it almost looked and bluish gray this also made the crafts more visible. The crafts reappeared 2-3sec later again but this time considerably lower in altitude and were abreast of each other equally spaced and were in a port bank, after leveling out they broke off into a group of two and three with the two intrail and about 1 mile behind the other three. the crafts re-entered the clouds and when they reappeared they were lined up vertically one on top of the other equally spaced and hovered in this for about 15-20 sec. The higher craft then dropped down vertically ( No Gradual Descent ) and spaced out equally next to what would have been the "base" craft for the vertical formation and were now all horizontal. the craft regrouped into the "two" and "three" formation heading northwest they "three" formation was intrail this time with the "two" leading they were abreast of each other one from the outer right side slid up under the starboard side of the outer most craft of the "two" formation. the two craft in the rear now climbed slightly above the leading "three" but kept their vertical and Horizontal separation the craft were all spaced at equal distance. I observed no "nav ", beacon , or strobe lights on these Aircraft, nor was there any sound accompanying them. The shape of the crafts' could be compared to that of a stingray except the nose and leading edges were smoothly arched and melded into one with pointed tips going to the rear of the craft along the leading edges of the "wings". and from the rear of the craft protrouded a long narrow tail which was thick starting and the base of the craft and thinned out the further back it went making a smooth narrow tip at the end, the undersides of the fuselage were a dark gray almost black color. The flight patterns exhibited by these craft are like none I have witnessed. I only get Commerical and General Aviation traffic over my area and the crafts flight pattern does not resemble that of hulking airliners and small private aircraft. A general aviation flew over our heads about 4 minutes later and my friend who knows nothing on the subject of aviation looked up and said " Now thats an Airplane." I went back to try and take some pictures but when I returned they had disappeared.

Posted 2006-05-15

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