NUFORC Sighting 49724

Occurred: 1977-06-01 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-03-19 07:23 Pacific
Duration: 1minet
No of observers: 1

Location: Fort Worth, TX, USA

Shape: Disk

I was a kid and here i what i remember.

I was all ready looking strait up at it. It was a disk shaped craft, golden color, round windows. i was out side my house playing like always,in the front yard. I did not see or hear it coming or come. It was strait over my house, above me, i could throw a rock at it, like i said all i know is i was already looking at it strait over me.I was not afraid, i did not run.After locking for a minet it took off at the speed of lite, and made no noise.I told no one. after that my noise would start bleeding, my head would spin and i got the out of body feelings,along with a sort of huming in my head, this would happen thruw the rest off my childhood.I did not watch tv nor know what a ufo was, i kept my self intertaned. i am 40 now and can tell you some storys. there is some technology that can hook on to your neurons, and bodie, and talk to you, talk to your neurons, your brain. this technology can control your bodie functions,totaly. brother im telling you that you dont even have to be around this technology, it is global. ive traveled on a plain and the same results,controling all around. i can pick up the phone and call any one in the phone diretery and by the time they pick up every one around is on it. i mean every has some thing telling them about this guy that they never met or know, this tech will point him out when he comes around, rigth in your head, your brain, neurons.the tech can torture you or your freinds, r all of them all at the same time ,global.i know more than the avarege guy.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-05-15

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