NUFORC Sighting 49331

Occurred: 2005-10-27 03:00 Local
Reported: 2006-02-28 00:40 Pacific
Duration: light
No of observers: 4

Location: Elko, NV, USA

Shape: Light

Soild Beam of Light; Lazer

My dad came to my football game in Elko Nv. I live in reno Nv, I was on the football team;Hug Hawks.Game over my dad drove me and my girlfriend home, his truck did not have the dip stick for tranmisson, he knew of this and told us to go to the bathroom now because he is not stoping. About a hour into the dive i fall a sleep, my dad keeps go ahead on I-80 west. My dad had to go to the bathroom so he pulled over and his truck take a dive; rocking the truck. At the same time a cop put his lights up and pulls my dad over. He says my dads tail lights did not work, but he falt bad for my dad because he put over 5k in the truck and had the bill to show that he just took the truck to the shop. But my dads truck did not start, the cop called for a tow truck... We wait for a hour then my dad calls everyone to get some help, then my girlfriend said she got (AAA) to tow the truck. I my dad and girlfriend wait for a half an hour, then I start watching my game that I just played. After watching the game I heared the bus that I rode on to get to the game pass bye. I start to fell a sleep, then my dad wakes me in a vocie that I could tell something was wrong. He ask me to look at a light at some what the top of the hill, I say about 500 foot hill. I looked at the light I said its some house light, then right one time the light starts to movie to the right fast, going over all hills, rocks, bushes, and not rocking the light. It was a soild beam of light pointing right at me and my dad. Moving very fast the beam of light was all way on us. The light moved side to side about 45deg left and 45deg right very fast. Then I woke my girlfriend she said the same thing i said the frist time but I and my dad said just look at the light now all 3 of us was look at a beam of light high in the hill, as it start to move my girlfriend jumps in the truck. My dad pointing a flash light at the light and it stoped and as all way was about 5 feet above the ground, my dad truned off the light and the beam of light would start to move toward us. Right away my dad turn the light on the beam of light would stop but not for long. It would start to moving side to side, and come closer and closer to me and my dad. My dad was not very happy with what is going on he gaves me a knive, and the light. He starts to call the tow truck tell the what is going on and we need to get out of there. As times pasts it get down the hill and now in the valley, now about 500 yards way form us. I with knive in hand and light start to walk towards the light, the beam was moving side to side so i just walk in a straight line form the truck. I pointed the light at the beam of light and start to walk away form the truck about a 50 yards my dad was about 25 yard way. He was talk to the tow truck guy. I think it took them 3 hours to get there. But any way as I'm walk to the beam of light I heard no sounds, the beam of light came at me so fast it was not funny. It was so close I could see the bushes and the little hill on the land, at the same time I saw the light in a better veiw. It did not light up anything that was not in the beam, like a lazer. I ran to the truck and my dad fallowed, we all jumped in the truck and waited. As the light movie side to side it was about 200 yards a way. We just waited as it got closer then start to back up, but then it would move so fast i dont even really think any would go that fast then stop and move to the right and left. I was scared my dad was scared my girlfriend was scared. As we watched the light move for about 30 more mins. The tow truck guys came, the frist thing we said was can u look at that light, as he did he was like its nottin, just like me the beam of light started to move. He went to work get us out of their, 15 mins of look at the light we were got out of there. But as we left the light rose form the ground and start to fellow us about 5 miles the light went away. I cant say the light was a UFO or something esle, just because the street we broke down on name is Grave Yard or something like that. Just that makes me fill I cant say what it was, all i can say is I saw what I saw... It Was a clean Light like a lazer. ((name deleted))

Posted 2006-03-11

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