NUFORC UFO Sighting 49100

Occurred: 2006-01-29 18:35 Local
Reported: 2006-02-12 12:41 Pacific
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Iron Gate, VA, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Light approached town , low on horizon, increased in size and intensity, then disappeared.

On Sunday evening, Jan. 29, 2006, I and two other members of the volunteer fire dept. left our station at approximately 1835, enroute to the funeral home in Clifton Forge, VA. for visitation for a past member of the fire dept. We were in the dept's six passenger pick-up truck, I was riding in the front passenger seat, another member was driving, and the third member was in the right rear passenger seat.

The fire station fronts onto Third St.(Norhtwest), and as we left, we turned right onto Third St.(Northeast), and proceeded approximately 100 feet to the corner of Third St. and Railroad Av. At the corner, we turned right onto Railroad Av. (Southeast). As we got on Railroad Av., I noticed two aircraft with lights, travelling East at high altitude. It is common to see aircraft overhead here, most at high altitude. Military training flights are also common, at all altitudes.

As I watched the planes get farther away, I noticed a third light, approaching from the Southeast, and much lower in altitude. I at first thought that this was a military plane, with a light on or under the nose, there were no running lights or other lights visible. As we continued on Railroad Av.(Southeast) I could see lights from the Parker-Hannifin plant buildings on Tannery Road, as well as the lights on the plant's elevated water tank. I could also see the outlines of the mountins nearby.

I continued to watch the approaching light, it did not cast a beam like a spot light or head lights on a vehicle. It appeared to be round, and did not change in color or intensity. The light continued in a straight line toward the Parker-Hannifin plant, and because the elevated water tank was plainly visible, I estimate it to have been at an altitude of 1000 feet or less.

We were travelling on Railroad Av. at about 5 MPH, we had passed the corner of Fourth St. and were about halfway to the corner at Fifth St. where we would make a right turn. At this point, I said out loud, "What the Hell is that?" The driver asked what I was talking about, and put his foot on the brake, I pointed into the windshield and said "That light". As we got to the corner of Railroad Av. and Fourth St. the driver stopped, and I jumped out to see if I could hear plane engines. Just as I got out of the truck, the light appeared to grow in diameter and intensity. Before the driver and rear passenger could get out of the truck, the light just vanished, just like you flip off a light switch, it just was not there anymore.

We continued to stand in the street by the truck for acouple of minutes, looking for the light, a car came up Railroad Av. stopped and asked what we were looking at, when I told him that I did not know, both him and his passenger got out to look, but whatever it was, was gone. There were aircraft seen at this time, headed West, and East, all at high altitudes I am convinced that this was not a plane or helicopter. As I said earlier, you can see aircraft over the town, day and night when the skies are clear, and hear them when it is overcast. That evening, the sky was clear, with very few high, thin clouds, the stars were bright. The temperature was in the mid thirties and there was no noticible wind.

Posted 2006-02-14

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