NUFORC Sighting 47045

Occurred: 2005-10-15 04:32 Local
Reported: 2005-10-17 11:13 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams, Electrical or magnetic effects


My name is ((deleted/husband's name))and my wifes name is ((deleted/wife's name)). We are in our 50's and are both professionals and do not drink nor do any type of drugs.

This past Saturday night in Houston I was awakened at exactly 4:32 AM (clock stopped) by a vibration that was making our house vibrate and a single laser beam type of light that was inadvertently flashing into the living room windows of our residence.

The house next door to our residence is empty due to a fire in the house and the owners are renovating the house but do not live there now.

I woke up and stepped over to the sliding glass doors that open onto the second level balcony of our home and peered out the sliding glass doors.

What I saw was such a shock that when my Wife asked me what was going on, I could not really speak, I could only wave her over to the sliding glass doors.

An oval shaped object, approximately 50 to 60 feet long was hovering over our swimming pool and backyard. It was approximately 25 to 30 feet high and was putting out a golden glow from the bottom of it. The craft had a very low golden sheen about it and looked almost transparent, you couldnt see thru the object but unless you were really looking for it, you could easily miss it.

There was a type of shuddering vibration eminating from it that came in waves. We both were in shock and were afraid to make any sound or really move.

We have several outdoor cats that are our pets and a dog. Our cats ran underneath the wooden deck that surrounds our swimming pool and our dog, ((dog's name deleted)), laid down with his head between his paws and would not move nor lookup. ((dog''s name deleted)) after approximately 1 or 2 minutes raised up and ran into his make shift den area under a picnic table that we have in the backyard.

The craft was within 50 to 75 feet of where my wife and I were standing inside our bedroom looking out the 2nd floor balcony of our bedroom.

I told my Wife that I was going to run downstairs and take a picture of the craft but she became very upset and almost broke my hand holding onto me, not really making any sounds but let me know she was afraid that whatever was in the craft might come out to recover any type of documentation and come into our home.

We watched it hover for about 5 minutes, noticed there was a dull light on the swimming pool and then it slowly rose and moved away slowly and in a trajectory that was almost straight up, the rate of climb would be at an estimated angle of 60 degrees at about 20 to 25 feet per second.

We were up all night.

The next morning we went outside and the water level of the swimming pool had dropped almost 6 inches from the time of the incident. That is really the only significant and viable impact the craft left besides the clocks all losing about 5 minutes.

We sat up all night last night to see if it would return. It did NOT return.

This was an extremely intense and emotionally draining experience.

((names deleted)) in Houston Texas

Posted 2005-10-20

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