Occurred: 2005-09-30 05:04:00 Local
Location: Farmington, UT, USA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 25 Seconds
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2005-10-09 18:21:02 Pacific
Posted: 2005-10-11 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail

Farmington Utah bright white light with blue in the middle in the shape of fixed wing aircraft flying Southwest to Northeast.

I saw what looked like the shape of medium sized fixed wing aircraft. The light from the craft was very bright. There was bright white light on both sides. Like the light given off from an arc welder, but it was not obscure.

It was very clear intense light. In the center the object appeared to be bigger, as the light appeared to be in a cluster. It was very clear and intense, but it was blue in color.

I picked the object up in the south southwest sky over Farmington. It was traveling North Northeast towards the mountain. I stepped away from my truck and followed the object over head where I saw the below view. I could only see white light from the bottom. Following from behind the object was a tail in the shape of a cone. The large portion of the cone attached to the object and the point at the end. The cone appeared to be whit light also, but it was not as intense as the light emmiting from the front of the object. There did not appear to be any turbulance in the cone, like it was a jet engine. The object made no noise at all.

speculate that it was approximatly 100 to 150 feet over my head. I lost the object as it went behind my home. My first assumption was that it would crash into the mountain just to the north of my home. I stopped to listen for any sounds of impact, but heard none. When I was able to run throuh the whole scenario again when I came home from work, I realized that I should have been able to see the object come out from the roof on the house, as the path that the object was traveling would have brought it into view again. I surmise that the object made a turn staight East while the house blocked my view and went up the canyon and over the mountain. The speed that the object was traveling was about the speed of a plane that was gliding without any propulsion. This is the most facinating thing that I have ever seen. Is there any other sightings that match this event?

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