Occurred: 2005-09-10 21:00 Local
Reported: 2005-09-10 19:31 Pacific
Duration: 45 secionds
No of observers: 1

Location: Pocahontas, IA, USA

Shape: Light

bright white- blue light in northern Iowa skies

After suupper I stepped outsode to get soe fresh air... i usually lok up at the stars and around the sky while sittingo n the front porch because the skies here are so clear. as i was looking around my eye was caught by a very bright white-blue intense light almost like an aircraft landing light, i watched it go passed the tree which is i believe dogwwod and full of leaves... as it came into full view icommented to myself that it was a small plane maybe... but that made no sense because the craft seemed to be too far away in perspective to the idea of the plane and the intensity of the light... then it made some strange s type moves and picked intirely too much speed and was gone... this was about 45 of 50 degrees off the horizon in the northern part of the sky... the skies were clear wth a fair ammoun of wind... i do not think that this was some sort o reflection of light as the lights around here are low sulfer orange lights... i really cannot rationalize WHAT it was... i have racked my mind as to what it could be trying the simpler answers fisrt... then when noting fit i came here and thought id let ths information on just in case im not the only person to see this... thank you in advance for reading this.

Posted 2005-10-11

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