Occurred: 1979-11-01 16:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-08-16 21:28 Pacific
Duration: 2mins
No of observers: 3

Location: Meriden, CT, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Changed Colo

I was 14 years old and lived at Sidehill Rd.I had just finished supper and decided to go up the street to my friends house at the top of Sidehill road and Keats road to shoot some basketball at my friends house.The sun had just gone down when I knocked on my friends front door to see if he and his brother would like to come out and shoot some baskets.He answered they had just finished supper and had a few chores to do and would be out in a little while.So I walked across the front yard towards the west where the hoop was and started shooting some baskets for about 10 minutes.I then turned towards the east and watched two incredibly bright red circular objects I should say lights rise up from behind the tree line below where I was standing which is River road at an incredible speed.Within one to two seconds the two objects darted straight up from behind the trees and were I would guess 1,500 to 2000 ft in the sky and stop instantaneously and sat there stationary.Mind you this first part of this event took no more than two seconds.I would like to add there was absolutely no sound.I stood in awe for a good 10 seconds looking up at these two bright red objects side by side.I then turned to my left and ran towards the front door of my friends house and proceeded to pound on the front storm door all the while turning to look at the two objects.My friend comes to the door saying what the hell is your problem at this point im very excited yelling and pointing saying look look theres a bleeping ufo as my friend just laughs I jump back down the steps pointing towards the objects as he then steps outside and down the steps and says holy bleep.At this point my adrenalin is pumping and I`m jumping up and down and run to the top of Sidehill road where it meants Keats Rd.I must say something inside told me not to go any closer so I stopped.I then turned to see where my friend was he had stopped at the edge of his yard and I must say he looked a little scared.He then yelled out I gotta go get my brother.I must say at this point I had tunnel vision I was viewing the objects that were a little to the left and above holy angels church s field.What transpired next is unexplainable. Why I say this is there is no aircraft then or now that could duplicate what unfolded next.The two brillantly red circlular objects appeared to start to vibrate then its hard to explain they started jumping all over the sky back and forth up and down around each other in circles at incredible speeds then as fast as it started they stopped in a blink of an eye side by side just as they had when they rose up from behind the trees.Again I must say there was absolutely no sound while this is going on.As I said earlier no manmade object could duplicate what I witnessed.Then the object on the left started to vibrate again and went from a brillant red to a shimmering orange. I would say the change from red to orange took about 10 seconds and then the object shot straight up into the sky and was gone in one second.Then the 2nd object repeated the same process but didnt go to a brillant orange just a dull orange then it went back to a brillant red and shot at incredible speed climbing into the southeastern sky then stop on a dime. I would have to say at this point it was over 10,000 ft in the air.It then dropped back down a little bit and shot down towards South Meridens markham airport below.I must say I am almost 40 yrs old and I can still see the event as it happened yesterday.The only thing I`m a little fuzzing on is the exact day on which it took place.I do recall that we ran down to my house at the bottom of Sidehill road all excited telling my parents and their friends what had just happened so they let us call the police station and the local news station to report it.As you can imagine the people on the other end of the phoneline just laughed at me.


Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2005-09-02

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