NUFORC UFO Sighting 44635

Occurred: 2005-06-25 02:25 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-06-28 21:12 Pacific
Duration: 15 mins.
No of observers: 1

Location: Greenville, SC, USA

Shape: Unknown

third kind of encounter?

I stay up late on most friday nights watching a movie or reading while my family sleeps. Last Friday night at about 2AM my dog bogee got my attention by wanting to go out. So i got off the couch and walked to the back door to let him out. As soon as he hit the ground, he bolted towards the far backyard as if after something.(Our backyard is completely fenced in except on one corner of the house) I looked out ahead of him to maybe spot our cat, a stray cat, or some other kind of night animal. There is an old storage shed in the back yard about 25 feet from our back door. Behind it on the next street over is a streetlight. For a split second my eyes focused on something running along the inside of the fence towards the back of the shed. As it vanished behind the shed, bogee turned the corner to the shed RIGHT after the animal, and began to bark violently as if he has cornered something (he has done this countless times with the local cats)At this point I figure it's a racoon, at the MOST a stray dog. Bogee is a shitz-zeu? Anyway you get my point. He's small. so I go running out to make sure what ever it is, it doesn't begin attacking him. After about 15 feet I begin to hear the sound of something REALLY wanting to get through a chain-link fence by slamming into it over and over. As a round the corner bogee is standing at this end of the lane, (The back of the shed sits inside the fence about 2 1/2 feet so there is a small lane about 15 feet long that ends with blackberry bushes then the turn of the connecting fence.) and the animal was at the other end. It seemed to be tangled in the blackberry bush pretty good because it had stopped trying to go through the fence and became still. The streetlight from the other street helped me make out something. I could see what my mind told me was I guess skin. The animal was "breathing" with quick rasping gasps. And this "skin" rose and fell with these sounds. It was very reflective, as if wet, so I cant say what color it was. SO at this point I'm kinda getting freaked out,so I squat down to lay my hand on bogee's back to quiet him down. At that moment the thing decides to bolt. But it doesn't come towards me (which in turn would make me scream like a woman) but takes a run at the back fence and slams into it. Now listen to this. It uses the recoil of the fence to jump up to the roof of the shed and scramble onto the shingles. YES, I was taking a few steps back. About 20. When, I started to dry heave. Alot. NOW I'm scared.Bogee begins to howl as I run back towards the house. My eyes are watering so my vision is blured, but I dont smell or hear anything odd. (Well, except for me unexplainable puking my guts out in my backyard.) In between heaving i raise up and catch a glimps of it jumping from my shed's roof to my neighbor's shed roof. Not a long jump, about 6 feet wide, except his shed is a two story! It landed on the ROOF! It scurried over the top and was gone. I continued to gag for about 4 or 5 mins. As I made my way to the door I heard, felt? I low thooming, like thunder underground, that lasted maybe 2 seconds? then I was inside and closing the door. (yes I made sure bogee was with me) If I had to guess on the size and weight of the animal in question I would say anywhere from 50 to 65 lbs. As the size I can't actually say. I never really got a good like at it. But if I had to guess a size or shape I would say it was pretty close to a large chimp. Actually I think to this day that is what I saw. What else could it be? Yeah I know, the puking. I can't explain that. Probably never will. I never tell people about it, this is South Carolina. But I though maybe you UFO people would be interested in hearing about it.

Thanks for your time.

((initials deleted)) Greenville SC


Witness indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2005-07-05

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