NUFORC Sighting 4445

Occurred: 1995-10-15 01:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1998-09-26 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 08 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Santee, CA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

A bright flourescent green light hovered between 2 houses then swiftly moved to left and then moved directly over us while we sat in car.

My friend and I sat in a parked vehicle one night (after a rain storm) and as we spoke, I witnessed a bright flourescent ball of light (like the color of a glo-stick) hovering between my house and the neighbor's house to the left. When I realized that the ball of light seemed to be suspended there for a few seconds it caught my full attention. The "ball" moved quickly to the left, and for a brief moment "sat" in the center above the neighbor's roof. I was trying to make sense of the unknown light and look for the source from where it could have been shining from. When I did this, I moved my body so I could have a better view out of the windshield. I believe I caught the attention of the "ball" and then it *immediately* made a bee-line for what seemed to be my face. The "ball" came at me diagonally from the neighbor's roof area. I screamed aloud. Just then, the light came upon the top of the car. It seemed to spread itself out atop the hood of the car. It moved from the grill area all the way up over the windshield. The shape was almost that of something gelatinous or vaporous when it came onto the car. In other words, it didnt move as light would move. It seemed to fill the car in a white light with a green tinge to it. It was *extremely* bright at this period. I recall feeling very warm and somewhat disoriented. It felt like the light consumed the space around my body; that I was no longer in a car; that I was now by myself in the light. Then all of a sudden it was gone. Now, to go back to the point where I screamed--at that time, my friend also screamed for he was reacting to my scream. He did not see the light in the ball form, nor did he see the light on the hood, nor in the car. In fact, he was not sure why I had screamed. However, he did see the light move down the back window of the car and then vanish. I did not see the light in the back window nor did I see the light vanish. I wanted to mention that my house is on the east side of the street. Our vehicle was parked inbetween my house and the neighbors house to the left. My friend was seated in the drivers seat and I was laying across the passengers seat and my head was on his lap--and yes, I was facing upwards looking at him as we spoke. We were quite still in movement and I dont think that this "ball" of light knew we were there until I made movement to look closer at it out of the windshield. I wanted to mention that the radio was turned on at a very low volume. After the green "ball" of light left, it increased in volume. This could have been because my friends knee hit the radio knob, yet I am still uncertain. I will also mention that I did check the time when I went into the house and was quite surprised to learn that it was *much* later than I had anticipated, although the experience seemed to only last seconds. The entire event felt draining and exhaustive. After six months or so had passed, I began to notice that I had a marked increase in my ability to learn and my ability to understand analytical issues. I had wanted to report this experience when it had happened, yet I was too shy or perhaps still questioning what had "really" happened that night. I have since witnessed another "green ball light" experience in the same city at a different location with a different witness. This time, there were 3 balls of light and much further off in the distance. The experience this time included only the sighting. This sighting was approx. 11/10/97. I will be happy to give you the details should you be interested in that experience. Now it seems to me that I know what I experienced the first time was "real" so I have decided to finally report the incident. I will be more than happy to supply my background information to you upon request. I am uncertain as to what you would like to know in that regard. Thank you.

Posted 1999-01-28

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