Occurred: 1997-02-15 13:00:00 Local
Location: North Adams, MA, USA
Shape: Diamond
Duration: 2 mintues
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2005-03-19 17:49:58 Pacific
Posted: 2005-05-24 00:00:00

My wife and me were unpacking boxes in our new apartment on a hill overlooking the town. I had decided to take a cigerette break and enjoy the wonderful view from our living room window.

As I was looking out the window I noticed an object in the sky over the hills beyond the town. At first I thought it was a kite or a mylar balloon, however I noticed this object was very far away so what I was looking at had to be huge.

I was watching the object for several moments, it then vanished and reappeared in another part of the sky...that's when I yelled for my wife! I had too make sure I wasn't seeing things and too my surprise she could see it too. We went out on the side porch to have a totally unobstructed view.

We watched the object vanish and reappear several times in different areas of the sky. After the last vanish we stood out there for about an hour waiting to see if it came back, but it never did.

The event happened during the daytime in the early afternoon and lasted for maybe a couple mintues. This was the third time in my life that I had seen a U.F.O. and it was my wifes first time...now I know I'm not crazy!

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