Occurred: 1998-07-10 20:29 Local
Reported: 1998-07-10 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 15 sec
No of observers: 2

Location: Morristown, NJ, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Object was small, dark colored and shape was not distinct (possibly flat?) Every 2-5 sec entire back end of object emitted bright red glow which varied in brightness. Object was high in sky and appeared to be smaller than pencil eraser held at arm's length

Myself and a friend were standing in my backyard when my friend pointed out the object. I saw it as well. It was high in the sky and very dark in color and moved about the speed of an airplane or slower. At first it appeared to be an airplane, but then it emitted a bright reddish glow that lit up the entire craft. My friend had seen it "flare up" a moment before. The light was not like that of an airplane's because it gradually brightened and slowly faded, and lit up the entire craft and some of the sky around it. We both ruled out reflection of sunlight because the reddish glow would have been constant. My friend saw the first flash and both of us witnessed 3 more (total of 4 flashes seen). The first flash was a very bright one, seen by my friend. It was followed by 2 less intense flashes. The final one was very bright and dark reddish color. The object then disappeared behind the distant treeline. Note that the flashes were slow, gradual, and varied in intensity and length. Each flash occurred at non-consistent time and remained lit for about 1-2 (long) seconds. The lighting was totally unlike that of an airplane. The object remained in view for around 15-20 seconds. We hope these facts may help you in theorizing explanations about what the object may have been: -The sky was completely cloudless -It was just beginning to get dark(8:30) -Other airplanes were in our view so we could compare their appearance to that of the object we were watching Note that both of us have contributed to and agreed with this report. We are writing this only about 10 minutes after viewing the object so it is very fresh in our minds.

Posted 1998-11-21

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