NUFORC Sighting 42053

Occurred: 1993-06-15 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-02-21 19:43 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Salem, AL, USA

Shape: Triangle

Triangular craft whit no lights or exhaust flying way too slow at less than 100 feet off the ground

A triangular craft flew over my house; twice in less than one hour. My son and I were watching a movie on television; a rental of "Silence of the Lambs" when I felt a vibration and looked at my glass of coke;it was vibrating.My son sayes he heard something outside but I don't remember hearing anything. We then went to the front door and looked out and didn't see anything so we checked the back door and saw a craft in the distance flying away. We just assumed it was a test plane from Ft, Rucker as it is a pilot training center.We then went back to our movie. A few minutes later(15 to 30 minutes). I felt the vibration again so we checked the back door but didn't see anything.Then we checked the front .While looking strait out we didn't see anything.This confused us because we knew it was back.I then looked strait up and saw just black.It was a clear night so the stars were visible but I couldn't see anything but blackness. I touched my son and pointed, we just stood there stairing at blackness. Then a light reflected off of it and I saw a matalic surface above us.I was tempted to throw a rock at it because it looked that close.Slowly it proceeded off towards Ft.Rucker and we went back inside.We realised it was flying really slow and very, very low but at the time didn't think anything about it.

The second flyover took apx 5 minutes too clear the house and another five to fly out of sight.

I didn't think about it again till I heard about others on Art Bell.I started thinking again and remembered that it had no lights and no exhaust.


I don't know the date;it was sometime in the late spring or early fall of 1993. That's the best time I can give you.



Witness does not indicate the date of the incident. Assuming that the correct date might be 21FE05, we temporarily have assigned an assumed date above, and will correct it when we have heard back from the witness. PD

Posted 2005-02-22

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