Occurred: 1989-11-15 18:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-01-23 08:55 Pacific
Duration: 10 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

Shape: Diamond
Characteristics: Lights on object

Huge UFO over North Star Mall

Just before Thanksgiving 1989, my wife was on our rooftop, adjusting the TV antenna for better reception. This was at dusk. I was inside informing her when reception was clear. She came down off the roof, walked in the back door and told me she just saw a huge UFO. She described the incident to me and to be honest, I dismissed her story as a "mis-identification" of a known aircraft. I've always regretted that. Her depiction of the event is as follows: While adjusting the antenna, she looked up and saw a huge kite (diamond?) shaped aircraft, hovering silently, just a few blocks north of our house, near North Star Mall. She said it was about the size of two football fields, the structure appeared black in color and the bottom had numerous white colored lights. It hovered for a few seconds about 600 ft. off the gound then very quickly, shot off to the west and out of site.

From her description, the object was very, very large and I couldn't understand why we never heard any reports about the event. She can recount this even, in detail, anytime. Let me add that a couple of years later, while driving in San Antonio one evening, we both saw a mysterious craft, traveling slowly, a low altitude, near the intersection of I10 and Loop 410. My wife said, "there it is!" Just like the other one I saw. My reaction again, was sort of like "well, whatever!" I think what we saw was just so bizzare, we had trouble accepting it. Now, years later, I do accept it and would like to know if others witnessed these events, the same time we did.

Note: I filed another report a few minutes ago of an incident that I experienced in Alpine, TX. In error, I listed another witnesses name(Russ Davis), rather than mine. Sorry, I didn't think of myself as the witness. I'm slow, huh?


Date of incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2005-01-27

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