NUFORC Sighting 39899

Occurred: 2004-10-22 18:42 Local
Reported: 2004-10-22 17:17 Pacific
Duration: 1.30 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Picayune, MS, USA

Shape: Disk

Two disk shaped objects at first thought to be mylar balloons or kites in the distance

I was sitting by my front door when I heard the dogs in the neighborhood barking and I noticed a disk shaped object approximately 75-100 feet off the ground traveling from the Southwest to Northeasterly direction. When I first noticed it in the distance, I thought at first someone was burning something and it was ash floating in the air, but quickly realized it was too solid to be ash. I noticed a man in a car that I did not recognize stopped in front of my driveway to stick his head out of the window and looked up. He pulled into my driveway and turned around and I wondered if he had followed the object from another area in my subdivision. It appeared to be "drifting" with the wind. I looked back in the direction from where it came because I heard children yelling to one another, "What is that!?" It was then I saw a second identical object. At first I thought they were kites or mylar balloons. They appeared to tilt and roll, which I attributed to the very slight wind, and I do mean slight. When they turned a certain way they were almost invisible. They certainly were close enough to the ground as they passed over my head that I could see a kind of silvery outer edge with a bronze color center, although they did not "bend" and appeared to be a hard surface. It made no sound at all and I saw no strings or wires coming from them. They were relatively small - appearing to be 4-5 feet in diameter. While I am not labeling this as anything significant, I cannot say I've ever seen that kind of material before. It also occurs to me that a neighbor and I talk occasionally about how there are unexplained power outages in my neighborhood for no apparent reason fairly frequently. In fact, there have been two in the last couple of weeks when the weather was perfectly fine. In fact, the last one I heard a strange sound in the distance just before it went out. While I have heard a transformer blow before, this sound was not like that, although I can't describe it. I am a 44 year old professional woman who works for a government agency.

Posted 2004-10-27

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