NUFORC Sighting 38325

Occurred: 1984-08-15 21:00 Local
Reported: 2004-07-25 23:59 Pacific
Duration: 5 mins
No of observers: 2

Location: South Glens Falls, NY, USA

Shape: Cigar
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

We saw a cigar-shaped object fly and then land.

I am not sure of the year or the exact time but I know it was between the time I started driving and graduation so that gives me some time reference. At the time this happened, we were both in high school.

My friend and I were driving around our neighborhood. It was cool out but not so bad. I was riding and I had my window down. As we came to a stop sign near our elementary school, I looked up and saw what I thought was a plane. I said to my friend, "Damn! That plane is really low!" She peered out of the front window and said, "That's no plane!" Just as she said that, I realized that despite it being very very low (we could see the lights on it) there was no noise. It hovered over the school and then took off to the west at a leisurely pace. It was in no hurry. We followed it with no problem down the road about a mile or two and then made a turn towards town. We could still see it without any trouble. Then, it started to descend into a clump of trees. That area had been a house but the house had been torn down due to it being right near a toxic dumpsite. The area was fenced off but we knew we could get in there if we wanted.

We started to turn up the dirt road/driveway and then we came to our senses. There were no lights from that area, just darkness. We turned around and she hit the gas. We talked about how they probably could hear us now and we both yelled out that we were going home and we weren't going to bug them.

As we squealed into my driveway, we started yelling out the windows for my parents to open up the garage door. When they didn't hear us, we scrambled out of the car and ran screaming up to the front door. We were really spooked by what we had seen and didn't really care that we were not acting like the cool teenagers we were. I knew my mom wouldn't doubt me as she had seen a UFO back in her college days in Nebraska. We told her what happened and then we never spoke of it again.

I remember it like it was just yesterday. It looked like a plane but then I noticed it had no wings. The lights were similar to a plane's ... the red and green but I remember they were really really big and there were three in a line on each side. There was no sound, no noise, no vibration and had it been a plane, there would have been because it was so low. It was shiny but I don't remember it being any color in particular. As it landed, it was going down fast enough that it should have kicked up a lot of dust or a cloud of some kind but it didn't. As it landed, the lights, which had been steady up to then started to ... like blink in a pattern. Red white green down a line. Once it time to land, there was no glow from the area .. just darkness.

Posted 2004-08-11

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