Occurred: 1983-05-20 21:30:00 Local
Location: Valley City, ND, USA
Shape: Other
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2004-05-02 22:14:05 Pacific
Posted: 2004-05-04 00:00:00

An object comprised of 4 or 5 metalic orbs in a row, moving West to East, and returning every 5 minutes following a parallel path.

A friend and I were walking through a park in the early evening of May, 1983. We were both 17 year old high school students, and just strolling and talking together on a warm, clear evening. As it got dark we laid on the grass to watch the stars.

We saw an object moving from West to East --- seeming to be at a similar altitude but faster speed than a commercial aircraft. However, it was visible against a starry sky, seemed larger than a jet, and it had an obviously different shape. The object was comprised of 4 or 5 metallic balls connected in a straight line, front to back.

What really caught my attention was the fact that it would move across the sky from our left to our right and disappear over the right horizon, only to return in five minutes or so from the left horizon again --- but higher in the sky. This happened maybe four times --- each pass starting higher in the sky. It gave the impression of the object possibly mapping the earth. And the fact that it always went left to right started my friend and me on a discussion of the possibility of there being more than one craft versus one craft circling the globe at an incredible speed.

This sighting took place in an extremely quiet, rural town of 7,000 people. If a jet came overhead or a truck passed on the interstate on a quiet night you would hear it. This object made no noise. There was also very little light polution in our location.

I have never heard another account of a craft shaped like this one --- several orbs in a row.


Date is approximate. PD

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