NUFORC Sighting 35645

Occurred: 2003-12-27 20:05 Local
Reported: 2004-03-17 10:09 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 6

Location: Lucasville, OH, USA

Shape: Unknown

Description: The unknown object hovered in the vicinity of the Portsmouth Regional Airport for an hour to an hour and a half. It had blue, red, and white lights flashing at various times. It was a mile to two miles high. It made no noise. It was not seen on the Tri-State Airport's radar in Huntington, WV. or Indianpolis Center radar.

Follow up investigation: Mr.A.(name on file for privancy reasons), states that on the evening of the sighting he was headed for his garage. He looks up and spots the light. He goes on into the garage and when he comes back out he looks again and sees the light is still there.

He first thought, it was a helicopter out near the atomic plant but then thought that it may be near the Portsmouth Regional Airport which is about 6 miles from his location. He stated that this was in the east to southeastern skies. He began to think that a helicopter was flying towards him because he saw one large very bright light which is what a helicopter would look like if coming head on. However, this object seemed to barely move if at all at times. It seemed to hover in the same altitude of approx. 5-6 thousand feet up. To him it seemed there was blue and red with the white light somehow together, dimming and then getting brighter.

Mr. A. called on his family to come out and look at the light. All memebers in the family were curious as to what it could be. His son looked at it through a telelscope and said that he could not make out what it was because it was too large and bright when veiwed through magnification.

Mr. A. then called the Ohio Highway Patrol Post about 5 miles away. The person he spoke to said there was a hill right oustide and they doubted they could see anything. Mr. A. says he does not think they even looked because he did not hear back from them even tho he asked they let him know if they saw anything. They did not go to look while he was on the phone either.

About 15 minutes later he called the Portsmouth Regional Airport and spoke to the base operator. He did not get any names from whom he spoke with. He asked to be connected to the control tower stating that he was a pilot. Not getting connected he then called the tower directly. The tower operator told Mr. A. that they had nothing on radar of an unusual nature. The tower operator asked Mr. A. if he saw a plane, to which Mr. A. said yes. This was to test to see if the radar was working properly. That was all that was seen on radar.

Then Mr. A. looked in his airport directory book and called the Huntington Airport. They also said nothing unusual was seen on their radar. He also tried calling Indianpolis. Nothing was found unusual on their radar.

During the time he was on the phone the light vanished. Mr. A. says that it had been in veiw for over an hour. I asked Mr. A. if it could have been a star or planet? Mr.A. said that he is very familair with the stars and planets in that part of the sky and also that he watches planes coming from the airport all the time. He was adamant that it was not a star or planet. He also says that he knew it was not a satelite or meteor because of the slow if at all movemment.

Comments: I commend Mr. A. on his determination to find out what the source of the light was! He sounded sincere in his story. He sounded puzzled by what he had saw and the family members did not know what it was. They were just as puzzled.

It has come our attention here at Ohio MUFON that over the past year several unidentified lights and objects have been reported in the near vicinity of Lucasville, Ohio. Some of these locations are: Proctorville, Chesapeake, Rome, Wheelersburg and several from Portsmouth, Ohio. We also have had reports from Huntington, WV. In 2003 we had an upsure in sightings from these areas. This is a somewhat rural area with few reports in past years.

Filed 3/17/04 Donnie Blessing Southern Ohio Section Director MUFON


We express our gratitude to Donnie Blessing and MUFON/Ohio for submitting this report. PD

Posted 2004-03-17

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