NUFORC UFO Sighting 35138

Occurred: 2004-02-17 01:20 Local
Reported: 2004-02-17 14:51 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 Seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Reston, VA, USA

Shape: Fireball
Characteristics: Left a trail

Green Meteor

I was laying down on the second floor of my house watching The Ghost and The Darkness movie on HBO. It was around 1:20 AM, when for some apparent reason, I decided to turn my head slightly to the left, and I noticed a Green "Flame" traveling downwards towards the Earth. It seemed like an eternity, but it lasted for about 3-5 seconds. It was not zipping by, but it was not floating either, it simply looked as though it was falling down from the sky. It had a very slight trail behind it, the same color as itself. It seemed close, but it wasn't huge, and it wasn't small, at least from the brightness aspect. I lost sight of it after it went behind the trees, and it went out of my field of view. I related it as looking most like a Firework "Dud" falling back down. It was so brilliant. I don't recollect hearing any noise though. I talked to a NASA Astronomer however, and my second assumption seems to fit best. It was a Meteor/Meteorid in my view. I was so shocked though, simply because I didn't know they came in such fantastic colors. I always thought of them as being Yellow/Orange/Red. According to the Astronomer, it was made up of Nickel. Nickel apparently burns in a Green Color when mixed with Oxygen, and a little Nitrogen, or better put, the Atmosphere. I completely believe it to have been a Meteor/Meteorid. I live in a populated area, with 100,000+ people within a 5-7 mile circle of myself. I seriosuly doubt that anyone else saw it, just because I was blessed to have turned my head for no apparent reason, and see this spectacular celstial event. I do not believe this to be a true U.F.O, because in my belief it was a Meteor. My father has seen Green ones before, and as a matter of fact, my friend saw a Blue one behind his town house a year ago. It is such a scary experience, even my friend admitted that, but it has truly intrigued me, and I am delving further into the field of Astronomy as a Hobby, due to this event. I have always enjoyed this web-site, and I am simply reporting this in case anyone else saw it, and reports it. I have no problem being contacted either, in order to fully describe the event. I am a firm believer in UFO's, but this to me has a much simpler explanation. Feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

Posted 2004-03-02

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