NUFORC Sighting 35076

Occurred: 2004-02-09 19:44 Local
Reported: 2004-02-14 15:16 Pacific
Duration: 15 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Marion, IN, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Electrical or magnetic effects

Sets of repeating, grouped lights that reoccurred on two separate days, at approximately the same time in same area of sky.

First Sighting – Traveling west on the country road (Kim Road) out of Marion, IN heading toward Sweetser, IN. Proceeded beyond the stop at Toby Pike heading west and looked up in the sky at the angles reported above. The sighting appeared spontaneously - a bright glittering light to the right side of the road came on. It was a type of blinking effervescence – bright white and blinking gold – a similar set of lights – looking to be about 2 inches apart from my location - come on just to the right of it, horizontally – shinning in the same pattern. Then the second set of lights shut off – does dim quickly – and the original light dims in the same way and then disappear – total duration 5 seconds or so. Somewhat disbelieving my eyes I scan the sky I see the exact same pattern occur to the left of the road this time and parallel to the first sighting – same pattern and same duration. I slowed down and clearly saw other types of stars, clear sky, and bright planet, jet lights but all paled by light brightness and size comparisons. I saw it again after a 10 second interval, the same set of lights appear a third time on the right side of the road again in what appeared to be in the same spot as the first sighting.

Not knowing what I was seeing I turned left and headed south toward State Rd 18 and looked at my watch that read 7:40 PM. That means that all had transpired in 5 to 10 minutes. I turned west onto State Rd 18 traveling towards Sweetser – I picked up my cell phone to call my husband and was unable to complete the call due to severe static that was atypical to the usual connections in this area. At this time of year the sky at this time would be dark and star filled and I had no more sighting that evening.

The sighting was unusual enough that I discussed it with my family and searched the web for similar experiences. I did not report to local law enforcement at that time.

Two days later at approximately the same time, 7:44 PM my husband and I were in separate cars following each other heading west on State Rd 22 just west of State Rd 37 south of Marion, IN. The same pattern of appearing and disappearing lights reoccurred three times, both of us saw the sightings from the different cars. I tried to call my husband’s cell phone to see if he was seeing the same sight but my cell phone would not ring through even though the display showed it was ringing. He later stated that the his cell phone never rang. We checked his phone later – it was on and in reception mode and showed no recent call from me. Later both phones were working fine as we reached home.

The pattern of the lights this time occurred to the left of the road then moved to the right of the road and back to the left of the road at about the same height from the horizon and off the road to the same angle as the first sighing. This appeared to almost be a reversal of the first sighting on Feb 9 that was right then left then right. The only difference was that the lights did not appear to glitter as much as the first time.

Then as I turned of State Road 13 heading north toward Swayzee, IN my eye caught movement of a low flying plane over Swayzee and noticed, in the western sky, 90 degrees to my left, the pattern of lights appearing once again and the companion set of lights with all disappearing in the same way.

After getting home we checked the web for other sightings and noticed similar occurrences have been documented on –1/14/2003 by a person located in Peru, IN traveling West toward Kokomo which was the same direction we had been traveling each time. Another report was 11/15/2000 – Kokomo at 8:00 PM. A third report was found on 10/15/1998 – location Dublin, IN (south of).

Posted 2004-03-02

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