Occurred: 1968-12-15 23:00 Local
Reported: 2004-01-18 02:15 Pacific
Duration: Unknown
No of observers: 0

Location: Hollywood, CA, USA

Shape: Other

Abduction from bed in 1968.

I was alone in a room, lying on the bed listening to music and heard someone talking. The voices slowly got louder and the music began to fade away. Suddenly, everything went dark (the room was lit) and the next thing I knew I was in a 'room' which I knew was a space ship, with two little aliens. They were very kind. I felt only love from them. The air in the space was saffron colored and one wall to my left was filled with small lights and what looked like switches. It looked a bit like a sound board. They communicated with me telepathically and said that they wanted to see what effects Earth had on me. At least that's what I heard. Then, my body levitated to a horizontal position and under me there appeared to be a slab like table. I closed my eyes and the next thing I Knew the music slowly began to come back. I was not drinking or doing drugs. :) By the way Peter, I REALLY enjoyed listening to you tonight with Art Bell. One of the best conversations I've heard. I apologize if this is not the kind of report you are interested in. I would love to have a conversation with someone about this.

Posted 2004-01-22

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