Occurred: 1983-01-10 20:00:00 Local
Location: Crosby, TX, USA
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: < 5 min
No of observers: 4
Reported: 2004-01-07 16:37:48 Pacific
Posted: 2004-01-17 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

Several unexplained incidents reported by family and friends in Crosby Texas during the early 80's.

This ocurred in about 1982, I was coming home late one nite and saw what I thought was a shooting star, then realized I could see the trail of the flames behind the object. It was flying parallel to the ground when I saw it. I drove another few miles on Hwy 90 east of Crosby and turned onto a road heading north and saw three objects "floating" over the area. I drove past a bank of trees and saw that the three objects were helicopters and they appeared to be looking for the object I watched for a while and it appeared they found what they were looking for and landed.

Another time in I believe 1983, my mother and I were coming home about 8pm and turned off Hwy 90 just east of Crosby and noticed something thru the trees over a field of a local grass farm. We drove and cleared the trees and saw what I described as an orange football shaped object, maybe 20 ft across, just hanging in the air above the field, perhaps 100 yards above the field. There were no other lights or sounds, just there. I should note that Mom described the object as red. There was a white Vega that had stopped in the road ahead of us and the driver had stopped his car, got out and was standing by his car just looking at it. I pulled in behind him and did the same, stopping the car and turning our lights out, just looking at the object. As if someone had turned off a switch, the object disappeared, again no sound or movement. The guy in the Vega stood there for a minute and came back to my car and asked if I had seen the object, I said yes, he said "good", then left. Mom claimed to have heard and seen wind after the object vanished but to be honest I didn't.

There were quite a few "sightings" of things we couldn't explain by family and friends during about a 3 year period during those early 1980's, then they suddenly stopped and we never saw anything unusual.


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