Occurred: 1992-10-31 19:00:00 Local
Location: Osterville, MA, USA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: 10 seconds
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2003-11-16 10:38:00 Pacific
Posted: 2003-11-26 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

A seemingly close object with a rectangular pattern of lights moved silently

When I was in the 6th grade, my friend and I were out trick or treating when we stopped by his grandparents' house. We were standing outside the house when my friend jokingly flashed his flashlight into the sky a few times. We got really spooked when right after that a strange object passed silently right in our line of sight across the night sky. I didn't see any actual detail of the craft, but it had 8 lights arranged in a rectangular fashion. It seemed to be quite close to us. That is, we were standing on the steps in front of the house and looking across the street where the object was at an angle that put it just above the trees. It appeared to be roughly the size of a helicopter at a distance of a couple hundred yards. The strange part, though, is that it made no sound at all. I live near an air force base and in the path of coast guard patrols, so I'm used to hearing passing aircraft. At the distance my mind was assuming the object had to be at (that is, a couple hundred yards), a helicopter would have been really loud. The night was completely silent, too, as the unidentified object silently glided across the sky. It moved in a straight line at a speed comparable to the coast guard helicopters patrolling over my house, which I assume is something like 40-50 MPH or so.

One other possibility is that instead of what I saw being a single, close aircraft, it could have been a more distant formation of aircraft (since I didn't see any detail of the "craft" besides its lights), which could also explain the lack of sound. The problem with this is that each light was a single, distinct point. Even at long distances a normal civilian or military plane has multiple lights that are easily discernable.


Date is approximate. PD

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