NUFORC Sighting 33109

Occurred: 1976-07-01 00:00 Local
Reported: 2003-11-15 13:58 Pacific
Duration: two events that happened

Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA


Organized human-alien abduction

Im not sure if this is the correct place to explain what happened to me when i was ten years old back in the mid seventies..but it wont hurt to tell my story. It was a week of my life that kinda haunts me to this day. I havent discussed this to anyone does sound kinda crazy..but the older i have become and the more ive learned about alien life forms..the more creepier i felt about what happened to me back then. Ill start off first by stating what i believe...I believe through my learning and hearing about how aliens basically make their own impregnating lack of better terminology..using humans..human Dna whatever..they have the we almost make their own humans. Who knows....that couldhave been the way Mary got impregnated with Jesus....CRAZY? Yeah some people think so..but ??? Anyways...i was ten or eleven years old and i signed up for this soccer camp one summer. The soccer camp was more than a soccer camp..cause it bused all the kids who joined way up into the mountains to camp and play soccer and fish etc...It was alot of fun. West Valley Soccer camp was the name of the "oganization".A couple of really weird things happened to me that week...and at the time i just shrugged them off, and didnt pay to much thought to any of it....but the events are still with me today more than ever..and im 37 years old now.

Now this could be just innocent weird things that happened that have nothing at all to do with other life forms..but who knows maybe someone else might have had something like this happen to them too. Well..all the kids in the camp slept in bunk beds in lil cabins. One morning,,all the kids awoke..and wheni woke up..from the top bunk..immedaitely the kids that in the cabin strting asking me what happened to me that night. Did i fall out of the bunk?? Why did they see a couple of the older counselers carrying me and putting me back in bunk in the middle of the night??? Now i had no recollection or memory of any of this happening to me. That in itself is really bizarrre because..if i would have fallen out of bed i would have remembered. more event took place...they had a big 7 mile hike they called it..where the counselours and kids would all hike somewhere for 7 miles and camp out for the night and the next day hike back. Well waqs at least 7 miles..and when we came to the place where everyone was going to camp for the was a public lil campground or something but the oddest thing that didnt trip me out then but does now..was that all over this lil camp ground..posted on the trees...and taped to the port a pottys..was these papers stating that campers should be aware of some kind of bubonic plague or something that was out of control in the wild animal population in the area. Were these signs scare away people and make this area ideal for the "Soccer camp counselors"?. I dont know...but i do know one thing.,..i woke up in the middle of the night..a hundred yards away from the other campers who were asleep...just .. i guess"walking in my sleep"???? In that week two things happened to me that never before or after happened to me was just all too weird.

Posted 2003-11-26

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