Occurred: 1961-12-17 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-10-14 11:47 Pacific
Duration: 25 min
No of observers: 0

Location: Bartow/Mulberry, FL, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

after getting our attention the object approached us, we followed this object while it stopped and waited on us three times

In a wooded area between the towns of bartow and mulberry florida. I noticed a round red ball (basketball size) object darting around in the sky to the north of us, I mentioned this to my brother and we stood there watching this ball moving at incredible speeds not slowing down while reversing direction. when our friend walked up, we mentioned it to him. The moment that he joined us in watching this object the object stopped then moved toward us very slowly to alight upon an oak tree about 20 feet away from us. It then moved to center of bonnie mine road at about 15 feet in the air and began moving south down this road. We followed this object for about three quarters of a mile where the object alighted upon the cross arm of a light pole . upon our arrival at this pole this object lifted off and returned to the center of the road where it continued south.The object continued south for approximatley one quarter mile then turned left to cross a cow pasture. We arrived at the fence of the cow pasture and began arguing about crossing the fence to continue following this object. We were a little afraid to cross this fence to follow the object so we argued about doing so. While we argued this red glowing ball was suspended in the air aproximately 50 feet away and 20 feet in the air and absolutely quiet.We argued for about five minutes while watching this very beautiful and graceful ball in the night sky, Finally my friend decided that there was no way that I was going to cross that fence and gave up the argument. The very moment that he made that decision the odject shot straight up and out of sight in a fraction of a second. Over the years I have reviewed this encounter very carefully many times. The actions of this object would suggest to me, for example, that it had the ability to determine our thoughts. This object was at times less than 20 feet away and I was able to study it very closely. I could see into the ball of light and determined that it consisted of light. There was no craft, jus! t a ball of light. It was very similar to the ball of light filmed in Enland that appeared to be creating a crop circle. That ball of light appeared clear or whitish. The orb that I witnessed was red.


Date is approximate. We will attempt to have the other witnesses submit reports, as well. PD

Posted 2003-10-15

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