NUFORC Sighting 3098

Occurred: 1998-02-02 19:00 Local
Reported: 1998-02-06 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 40min

Location: Fort Cambell (25 or 30 mi. nw), KY, USA

Shape: Light

a series of four lights one below the other . the color of orange(like a light in a parking lot)

on rt. I24 at mile marker 67 I noticed an orange light in the sky (like a security light),but it was to high on the horizon to be a ground level light.(this is while i was driving the interstate!)I glanced at the light again and it went out(Just one light)I looked shortly again and while I was watching it reappeared. no big deal Fort Cambell is just up the road 30 mi.probably just choppers on maneuvers using landing lights(see it all the time (but never with orange lights))I looked over again and there was 2 lights , looked at the highway looked back again,and there was 3 lights( all bright orange and reflecting against the cloud cover which was very low this night!) As i looked there looked to be something attatching them together like a silver thread or ribbon. and while I watched they one by one went out in the reversed order that they came on(4,3,2,1 bottom to the original(the top))This had my attention now so I began to look for an exit to put my 18 wheeler on (to be safley out of traffic)as I was looking for an exit I noticed that it had completly dissappeared! as I gave this thought the first light reappeared!(miles traveled at this time about7or8(it seemed to be moving or keeping upwith me because it never changed positions in the window ,Just over the passenger mirror)I found an exit to pull my rig over and got out of the truck ,shut off the engine for silence went around the truck and their it was ! 1 light ,shortly followed by another,shortly followed by another!the lights were perfectly round and seemed to cascade from each otherthey seemed to have a thread or silver ribbon(like smoke,only smoke would dissapate,this did not)I noticed that the light was very brillliant and reflected against the low cloud celing.and caused the reflection againt the clouds as that of a strobe light(kind of like a lantern that is hanging from a peg and rocking back and forth on the peg).The lights went out again and I got back in the truck and proceded down the interstate. Then They began to come on back again. ! At this time I thought I would comfirm the siting with others truckers so I got on the c.b. and asked the other trucks to take a look to the west and tell me what they see!. But at the very instant I keyed the mic. the lights dissappeared and this was the end of the sighting(it was like the thing wanted me to notice it but not to allert nobody else(crazy Huh!!)(but there was a car that pulled off the road to observe)before I got off the exit)there was no loud noise that you would associate helicopters with no sound of anything like an engine .

Posted 2001-08-05

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